Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's the Little Things

Today I am super excited for the packed lunch I made for myself.  Usually, I eat leftovers that I cooked on Sunday or I go out to a close food joint for my lunch hour at work.  But today I woke up and decided I wanted to bring my own lunch that was packed especially for my food today.

Yes, I realize that this is pretty standard for almost everyone losing weight out there but somehow I hadn't really added this to my program.  Oops!  :)

Anyway, I am super excited to eat my lunch!  It isn't anything special, but I know that I will be getting a balanced meal that will be filling AND delicious.  I know that when I am done eating I will be satisfied and can walk away from my meal guilt-free, which is something I've been striving for lately.

So...what did I make for myself?

  • A turkey sandwich on a whole-wheat English Muffin with a little bit of miracle whip, some colby jack cheese, and some sweet pickles.
  • A 1/2 cup of applesauce
  • Several fresh-from-the-garden carrots
It will be delicious!  And low-calorie!  Just perfect for getting back on track to see some weight loss in October.  
I have no idea what this picture has to do with applesauce other than the caption...but I like it.
So in the interest of adding new menu items to my new "Get It Guilt-Free" lunch special, I would like to know what you pack for lunch to keep it healthy but maintain the variety.  

Tell me--what foods do you pack for lunch? 


  1. Ha! We must have been blogging at the same time today! Love it!!

    Lately I have been on a soup kick for lunch, Amy's. I haven't made a sandwhich in a while, although your lunch does sound good! Sometimes I will get the chicken breast in water (I don't eat tuna) and melt some laughing cow cheese in to it. I either eat it on a sandwich with a side of fruits and veggies or just all by its self with some crackers and fruit.

  2. I love bringing my lunch. It saves me so much money too... I can't believe how much a turkey sandwich costs at the deli :0 And you're so right, its a great way to stay on track with your goals.