Thursday, February 24, 2011

Little Ways to Run Better Every Day

Happy Thursday!  The benefit of holidays that occur on Monday (Presidents Day for all those outside of the US) is that the rest of the week feels like it flies by so fast!  Thursday feels like Wednesday, and it's a beautiful thing when you realize that Friday is only a day away!

For Blog 002
I am REALLY glad no one walked in on me taking these photos...Hello embarrassing!
For Blog 003
I used to not be able to wear this jacket was too tight on my arms.  No more!  Hoorah!
That's enough of the random photos for the day.  Expect many more in the future...I've decided I like seeing photos on other people's blogs so you're going to have to suffer through more photos on my blog.  Deal with it.  :)

I stumbled across an article a little while ago about ways to improve your running and found that it was really helpful in inspiring me to continue to run and push through the pain to try and become a runner.  The full article can be found here and is worth checking out.  Here are some of the points that I find to be really effective:
  • Run with others:  I wish SO badly that Ms. Running Roommate lived closer to me.  Having a consistent running partner would make runs go by faster, as well as make me accountable.  If you have someone you can con into running with you DO IT.  
  • Try something new:  Run 5ks all the time?  Sign up for a 10k or an obstacle course or a sprint triathlon or anything that sounds exciting to you.  This will help prevent the "funk" that we sometimes feel.
  • Run like a tortoise:  Short version of this?  Just keep running.  By starting small and making mini-goals for yourself, eventually you will find that you are capable of running half-marathons, marathons or whatever and/or achieving that pace you think is impossible.
  • Keep a log:  Dailymile is a great place to track your runs.  It sounds silly, but watching the mileage bar climb each week and seeing your progress over time is VERY motivating.  Sign up--it's free!
  • Enter races:  I've spoken many times about having races to run keeps me in check and on track and motivated.  They are fun, they are rewarding (especially ones with finisher medals!), and it's a great way to make yourself get out.
  • Schedule it:  Put your workout in your schedule.  Commit to it like you would any other appointment and get it done.  Make it a concrete thing you can't miss (unless, of course you are injured.  What...I'm not pouting over here...).
  • Get your clothes ready:  Nothing deters me from a workout faster than having to ransack my house looking for my clothes.  Let's be honest...there is that weak point before we finally get our workout in where we are looking for any excuse not to have to go.  Prevent the clothes from being that reason.  Get the gear in place the night before, and get it on right when you  need to so that you don't skip an awesome workout!
  • Stay flexible:  Stretch.  A lot.  Consistently.  Injuries suck...just sayin'.  
  • Start a running streak:  This could be logging 15 miles (or whatever) every week; running one race per month for a year; running the same race every year; or anything else that sounds motivating to you.  
What have you found to be helpful for you in your workout/running journey?  


  1. What I find helpful is just listening to my body... not pushing myself too far or too fast but still going out of my comfort zone.

  2. I love new playlists and also the support I get from awesome bloggers (hint, hint) - I like reading people who are much more advanced than me, knowing I will get there one day, too!!

  3. Cute jacket! Stay flexible is a great tip too. I do yoga 1-2 times each week and it really helps.