Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working Out While Pregnant

First off, thank you all so much for your kind words after my big announcement!  Hubster and I are seriously so excited.  It's a huge life change, but I think we are ready.  (<---famous last words, right?)

So, now for some facts:

  • I'm approximately 14 weeks along.  The wee little one is about the size of a lemon.  
  • I'm just barely starting to show.  It just looks like I had too big of a meal.  If you didn't know I was pregnant, you definitely wouldn't think I was.  I have a feeling the next month or so will be kinda rough with the baby bump until it finally looks like I'm pregnant!
  • I'm past the nausea (for the most part).  I was super queasy from weeks 8-13, but never puked.  I feel like I should get a medal for that!
  • I'm tired.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Seriously.  I was greatly unprepared for the "fatigue" that comes with pregnancy.  I put fatigue in quotes because I think there needs to be a stronger word for the level of tiredness that comes with being pregnant.  I feel like I haven't slept in years.  
That last point brings me to what I wanted to talk about today--working out while pregnant.  How have I been doing, you ask?  Ha.  Well, not so good.  

I started out really well.  I was biking almost every day and taking frequent walks.  Then I went to Lake Powell.  Then I went to Alaska.  That was a month without daily activity.  Coming back from those vacations was really difficult.  I had no routine.  Additionally, I was SO TIRED (still am).  All I want to do is nap, particularly after a long day at work.  But I can't, because working out is good for both mama and baby.  

So I'm trying.  I'm back on the wagon this week.  I'll be walking and doing this workout DVD.  
The combo will be great to make sure I maintain (gain?) strength during this pregnancy, while also making sure that I keep my heart strong.  I still have achilles tendonitis issues (yeah--it's been since January and it's not even close to better), but I think that I'll just have to work through that and get the walking in.  I walked for a half hour last night and while my achilles was super upset during the workout, it didn't hurt very badly this morning.  I think that's a good thing.

How am I overcoming the strong desire to just lay on the couch and not move because of the fatigue?  Well, after caving in and listening to it for a couple weeks I've finally decided that I just have to tough it out.  I used bribery with myself ("You can watch your favorite TV show on Netflix while you walk--it's a win/win!") and that seemed to help.  Now I just have to get in the habit of doing it to make sure it sticks.  I know I'll feel better about myself if I keep active, particularly as the weight gain begins.

Ahhh!  That brings me to another topic--weight gain while pregnant.  How am I doing there?  I'll let you know later this week.  I think you'll be surprised!


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming addition. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Good for you for finding healthy ways to stay active while your pregnant. And for finding the motivation to work-out even when you're exhausted!!!

  3. Glad to hear the update and that you are doing well. My sister is in her last trimester right now and even just walking 2-3 miles a day makes her feel so much better about herself. I think a little exercise can go a long way in pregnancy. Keep it up girl. :)

  4. Anyone else think that that DVD could also be on how to have sex while pregnant? Sex by trimester? hahaha

  5. Congratulations! I just read your last post!