Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On My Mind

First off, I can't hear the phrase "on my mind" without thinking of this beautiful song by Kalai:

Enjoy.  His Acousticism album is beautiful.  Go check it out (particularly Divide Me and Shotgun Blues).

Anyway, there's been a lot on my mind lately but I haven't really taken the time to post.  I know I promised that this wouldn't become a pregnancy blog, and I will admit that most have my thoughts lately have been related to being pregnant so I have felt like I couldn't post!  However, I remembered that I started writing this blog for me as a way to document my feelings and my journey and that shouldn't really stop just because I'm pregnant.  If anything, I should utilize it more!  So here I am.  :)

First off, being pregnant is insane.  It is both awesome and terrifying all at the same time.  The human body is incredible.  Every time I feel my little boy move inside my belly, I am struck by how incredible and insane that actually is.  It seriously feels like I have a little alien inside me!  But I love it.

I've been blessed to be able to feel my little guy move really well due to how my placenta formed (why is the word placenta so gross to me?  I have no idea...).  I felt him first move in Australia when I was 17 weeks pregnant.  I was watching Mythbusters trying to stay awake just a half hour longer (hellllllo, jet lag!) when I felt a "tap tap" movement in my belly.  Sure enough, it was baby boy.  Hubster was lucky enough to feel him move at 19 weeks.  And now, at 23 weeks, I can actually see him move in my ever-growing belly.  THAT is weird.  Awesome, but so very weird!

Additionally, I've been thinking a lot about the actual birth process.  Oh my.  That's a terrifying concept.  However, at the recommendation of my doctor, I signed me and Hubster up for the Bradley Method birthing classes.  I am SO glad that I did.  I've never been a huge fan of medical interventions (which is why I take FOREVER to actually go to the doctor when injured!!), so I have been looking for a more natural approach to birth than what is typical in hospitals these days.  I'm so glad I live in a time where I have options that I can choose for myself.  My current plan is to go as natural as possible--no medical interventions (no inducing, epidural, etc.).  I'm sure it will be very hard, but I think the benefits outweigh the pain.  Wish me luck!!  This is a big deal!

Also, I'm training for birth (related to the above).  My birthing class instructor has me doing special exercises (squats, pelvic rocks, butterflies, kegels, etc.) specifically designed to strengthen the muscles involved in labor.  It's weird to be training for something other than a running race, but I suppose it makes sense to train for birth when it really is the most strenuous exercise a woman's body will likely ever go through!  It also helps me feel more prepared for the big day.  All good things!

So what's going on that is non-baby related?  Lots!  We just finished getting all our carpet replaced and painting pretty much entire house.  Holy cow.  That was much harder work than expected!  My aching back was not quite prepared for it!  But now our house looks lovely.  SO worth the effort!  I'll post before/afters once our house is fully put back together.  Right now it is in a transition state.

I also went up to Idaho for the annual Spud Harvest event.  It felt good to be back on the farm, even though I couldn't help out with the process.  I did get some fun pictures while up there.  I love time on the farm!

October 014
New digger.  Awesome.
October 044 crop
TWO bumps!  My sister is pregnant too!
I tried to upload more, but my internet is being glitchy today.  These two will have to suffice!

I'm headed to the doctor for my 24-week appointment.  I'll try to get some new pictures of my bump to share soon.  It is growing SO much lately!

Any of you tried the Bradley Method?  I'm interested in feedback!

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