Thursday, December 6, 2012

28 Weeks

I seriously can't believe I've been pregnant 28 weeks.  Time is flying by ridiculously fast, and I find myself completely unprepared.  I have so many things I need to get for this little one!  Good thing I can take advantage of some after Christmas sales here in a few weeks.

I figured it was time I updated this blog with another belly shot.  I have not taken hardly any pictures this pregnancy!  It's not because I don't want to document it (I actually really really do!), it's just that it's a pain to take self photos and Hubster is pretty busy and isn't around when I remember to actually take a photo.  Fail!  In any case, here's the latest pic from this week:

28 weeks

I am still feeling like a champ.  I'm not super uncomfortable yet (though I do have my moments), and my hormones are still really level.  I haven't had any crazy tears or emotional freak-outs, which I guess is pretty rare.  I'm sure that my hubby is grateful for that little miracle!

My weight continues to go up (duh) and I'm currently sitting around 172 lbs.  Luckily, it appears to all be baby related weight as I can still fit into my pre-pregnancy pants (though I would NEVER wear them because that's just plain uncomfortable on the belly).  It's been a good way to make sure that I'm not gaining any "extra" weight that isn't good for baby.  It's hard to look at the scale and see it climb (way harder than expected), but it's good to know it's all for the baby boy and that the doctors are very pleased with my current weight.  According to my midwife on Tuesday, I am "having a very healthy pregnancy."  YAY!

The most eye opening part of this journey for me so far is how large I feel currently, and how I've actually been bigger than this before and didn't realize it.  My belly feels HUGE to me (and I actually keep running it into things because I misjudge the size--fail).  However, I once again measured my belly and it currently is the same width around as it was when I weighed 168 lbs and started this blog.  I just can't believe I had that much sitting on my waist and I didn't realize it.  It's kind of horrifying how disconnected I was (and still can be) with how I actually looked.  The shirt I'm wearing in the pic above isn't a maternity shirt; it is just one of the shirts I bought during my heavier days.  I have a LOT of shirts that fit me now that I wore during my heavy days.  It's been really, really eye opening to me.  It serves as a good warning that weight can sneak up on us and that our eyes can be liars and we may not look as good as we think we do.  I certainly didn't think I was packing around the equivalent of a 6-month pregnant belly on me at that time.  What's crazier is that 168 wasn't my highest weight and I had more fat on me prior to that.  I just wish I had measurements to compare with!

Have any of you ever experienced the "lying eye" that tells you you look better than you actually do?  Or worse, the opposite that tells you you look terrible when in reality you actually look great?  Please tell me I'm not alone in having this problem.

Also, can we discuss how it is currently December?  How the heck did that happen?  I seriously feel like we just started 2012.  I must admit that I am looking forward to the holiday season and snow falling at Christmastime.  It's been raining in Utah for nearly a week, and the temps have been in the 50s to 60s.  That is NOT Utah winter weather.  I don't love snow, but I do like it during the holiday season so I say, "Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!" and then melt off after January...ha!