Tuesday, March 25, 2014

When Your World Falls Apart (Warning: Graphic Photos)

So I disappeared. But I had a very valid reason to suddenly vanish from the face of blogland. My son was involved in a major accident at home and we ended up in the Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit for nearly a week. He had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, neck, chest, back, and arm. It was the worst month of my life. He avoided skin grafts by nothing short of a true miracle. They thought he would definitely have to get them, but he managed to heal up on his own. It took over 6 weeks for his wounds to close, but we are finally in a place where we don't have to do daily wound care. Both mama and baby are VERY happy about this.

I will be creating a separate blog that details his journey (and my own) because I don't feel like a weight loss blog is the most appropriate place to lay all the gory details out, but I did want to post something on it to kind of explain where my head has been. To say my focus on my health went out the window is an understatement. It seemed so silly to me to be worrying about extra fat on my body when suddenly we were worried about skin grafts, scarring, and breathing issues. Now that we are a bit further out from the trauma, I have refocused and want to be healthy so I can play with my little boy like he wants and deserves. However, I have a month of stress eating to recover from. Here's a quick snapshot of the horror we saw over the past month:

Pretty much a mother's worst nightmare.  He was badly scalded by some hot food from a crockpot that fell on him.  Horrible horrible horrible.  He has several years of recovery ahead of him, but his scarring should be minimal.  The doctors don't think his face will scar which is a straight up miracle as it took the brunt of the burn.  God really does listen and answer prayers.  His arm will be scarred and he will have to wear a pressure garment on it for a couple years to try to flatten potential scarring, but given the extent of the burn (25% of his body) we feel pretty dang blessed that this is the worst we have to deal with.  

Anyway, it is hard to sum up with words how much this event affected me and changed me so I will just summarize it by saying it was traumatic and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.  I am glad that with each day that passes we are closer to having my happy healthy boy back.

Yesterday at the park--looking pretty dang good!
So that's where I've been.  And now I am just trying to get back on track and eat good clean food and move my body.  Scale said 174 this morning.  It is what it is, and I will get myself back to where I used to be soon enough.  Somehow the weight gain doesn't seem quite as devastating to me as it used to.  :)