Thursday, January 24, 2013

There was this one time when Google deleted my blog...

...and it took a long time to get it reinstated.  But good news, folks--I am not a spam blog!  Hooray!

Anyway, I'm back.  And I know it has been SEVEN weeks since I've posted so I've got to apologize for that.  I hadn't realized it had been so long, and once I did realize it my blog had been shut down so I couldn't post anyway!

So what have I been up to?  Baking a baby.  Can I just say that time has REALLY flown by with the holidays?  I'm over 35 weeks along now which means I have barely over a month until I will have a wee babe in my arms.  CRAZY!!!

I'm feeling good for the most part.  I've had some pretty incredible back pain (read: inability to walk when it hits) that comes and goes, but other than that I've had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I did get sick with the flu for two weeks and then a sinus infection right on top of it for another two weeks, so that has been less than ideal.  I normally don't take drugs when I'm sick, but I seriously would've taken anything available had I been able to!  I was miserable and desperate!  Getting sick while pregnant is no joke!

So with only 5 weeks to go (give or take), I am officially freaking out.  You guys, I am going to be a MOM. It's so hard for my brain to comprehend that.  I know I've had 8 months to prepare, but feels like it snuck up on me!  I am assuming this is normal, but I hope it goes away soon!  I'm so excited for our little guy to show up, but nervous as heck because I feel completely clueless.

Anyone have any good advice for a first time mom?  PLEASE share it!

Oh, and regarding my weight gain--I'm currently sitting at 179.8.  It's surreal to see that number on the scale again, but I haven't freaked out because there is a major difference between baby weight and fat weight.  I did a comparison.  Check it out:

I weighed nearly 12 lbs less than I currently do when I started this blog.  However, you can tell that the weight distribution while pregnant is significantly different than the weight distribution from being overweight.  I am smaller everywhere but my boobs and waist!  Most of my measurements are actually the same as they were before I got pregnant (minus the boobs and waist of course).  I feel really good about that.  I am hoping that I won't have too much extra pregnancy weight to deal with once I have the baby.  Since I started my pregnancy overweight (162.2 lbs) I am trying very hard to stay within the recommended guideline of gaining only 15-25 lbs.  As it currently stands, I've gained 17.6 lbs.  With only 5 weeks to go, I'm hoping that I stay within the healthy range!  I think it is doable.  I'll keep you updated!