Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydney - Mega Photo Post! has been a whirlwind since getting back from Australia!  We barely had time to get settled into the work routine before having to drive up to Idaho to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday with my family.  It was a great time, but we are definitely ready for a day or two of relaxation!  Unfortunately, both Hubster and I have come down with a cold so we are down for the count.  I missed work yesterday, and he's missing work today.  Boo!  Also, I encountered some sort of bug that left me with no less than FIFTY bug bites that itch worse than mosquito bites.  I may go crazy.  It's almost like I have chicken pox even though I know that's impossible!

So...before life gets too overwhelming and I forget to post my pictures, I am going to do a few mega-photo posts from Australia!  Today's photos come from Sydney...beautiful, wonderful Sydney.  We loved this city!  Even though we spent nearly every day we were there working, we still managed to get out and see the sights.  If you ever have debated whether or not to go there, stop debating and get yourself some plane tickets.  It's worth it!  Hubster was even looking for jobs in the region because he loved it so much!  Too bad it's so dang expensive to live there.  Also, they drive on the left side of the road which was a bit difficult to adjust to being a Yank like I am.  Luckily, Hubster and I survived driving in Australia.

Without further ado, I present Sydney in photos:
Sydney 112
The opera house!
Sydney 156
The Sydney Harbour Bridge (we climbed to the top!)
Sydney 163
I had no idea the opera house had this texture...thought it was neat!
Sydney 228
I may have gotten a weird look or two...
Sydney 292
Biking around Manly
Sydney 306
Lookout Pointe at Manly
Sydney 308
Love the feeling of the sand between my toes!
Sydney 315
Joy!  (side note--it was freezing!)
Sydney 330
Manly Beach where one manly man braved the cold and wore a speedo in the ocean.
Sydney 332
He is not in this photo.
Sydney 364
I promised swimsuit is one.
Sydney 365
And another.  I see improvements from last time I was in a swimsuit!
Bridge Climb
Climbing the bridge with dorky hats!
Bridge Climb2
Awesome views during the easy climb
Bridge Climb3
Our outfits are sexy!
Sydney 002
Giant Lego man!!
Sydney 037
Sydney 044
I *may* have once thought I was Ariel
Sydney 106
I showed my dad this picture and told him I took it while we were snorkeling.  He believed me and freaked out.
Sydney 177
On top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon
Sydney 302
I love lizards!
Sydney 313
Grumpy  bird!
Sydney 696
So soft!
Sydney 499
Loooooved the kangaroos!
Sydney 477
Care for a cuddle?
Sydney 510
Feed me!!

Sydney 722
At the top of the Three Sisters Hike that kicked my butt (or more specifically my knee)
Sydney 743
Hundreds and hundreds of steep steep don't do it justice!  IT band pain--commence!
Sydney 779
...but I kept going anyway!
Sydney 926
It was a beautiful hike!
Sydney 944
And I may or may not have ended the day with some kangaroo filet.  And I felt horribly guilty for it after spending the day playing with kangaroos.  But it was delicious.
Tomorrow's post will be on my trip up north to the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.  Yay!

Also, send good thoughts my way; this weekend is the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay and I have to run it because my team is out of alternates.  I'm sick and my knee is still frustrated.  It's going to be tough!!


  1. Okay now I am even more jealous! What wonderful photos. You look great! Love the suit! Can't wait for the next batch of photos!

    your question on my post. Does cross training mean an end to my running streak? No.way. I am sticking mostly to my 50 mile/week plan and adding in Insanity most week evenings. Of course I will be listening to my body to make sure the plan isn't too much. But so far I'm loving it!...tired but loving it.

  2. Those pictures are AMAZING! I love love love LOVE all of them and am SO JEALOUS of your trip!!! :) Happy you're back - now start feeling better ASAP! Jay has some IT Band relief with the foam roller. Do you have one?

  3. I sooooo want to go! It looks amazing! And you two are so cute :)

  4. Beautifully Brilliant!!!

    That is all I can say!