Monday, June 27, 2011

What exactly is a "tweet"?

So....I've been racked with guilt for the last week knowing that I most definitely owe you all a nice blog update regarding my Ragnar race, as well as an update on the knee situation and yet another visit to the physical therapist.  However, work has been absolutely crazy and since that is where I do all of my posting none of these lovely updates have happened.  I found myself thinking several times over the weekend, "Man, I wish I could just send out a mini update and let them know what was going on...too bad there isn't a medium for that out there."

Ummm...apparently there is this little thing called "Twitter."  Yeah.  I'm sure none of you have ever heard of it.  It's one of those unknown little internet places like Facebook.  No one uses those sites ever, right?  Heh.  Well, I finally bit the bullet and have created a Twitter account.  I promise to wisely use my 140 characters for things such as:

  • Updating you to know that I am, in fact, still alive
  • Posting workout details 
  • Posting race recaps 
  • Sending funny photos that I randomly take from my phone
  • And perhaps posting my weigh-ins.  Eek.
It will be a nice supplement to my blog here (which I WILL update for real sometime this week.  Seriously...It needs done).  

So...what are you waiting for?  Come check me (and my randomness) out here!  And I would love to follow any of you crazy readers that have been on the Twitter bandwagon for a while now, so please share your details in the comment section.  Here's to trying out new (okay, just new to me) things!


  1. I was so resistant to Twitter! Friends were on it, it seemed like the "new" thing but I hated it for some reason. The ONLY reason I joined was because of my blog. I knew it would be a good place to build a community/friendship with other bloggers and get the word out about my blog...

    I totally got hooked! It's addicting, for sure. I resisted it too long. :)

  2. Love, love, love The Twitters. I'm Minnesota_Ann. Talk soon - errrr, TWEET soon. :)

  3. I have a twitter account but am so lame with it :P