Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let's Get Real...

Wow.  Where to begin?  I'm sure any of you that are reading this are in the same situation as me.  Observations like "wow...didn't know that I was capable of getting fat rolls there...awesome?" and "when did that stretch mark show up?"  are quite common for you.  I know that I have had my fair share of these occurrences.  That's why I am here.  By writing out all my thoughts (good and bad) regarding my journey, I will hopefully finally conquer my fat demons and come out victorious.  Perhaps some occasional shaming by the blog world will help as well in case I fall off the wagon... :)

So here goes.  I have a weight loss goal of 30 lbs.  I think this should put me at a nice healthy 135 lbs with some good muscle definition.  It's a weight that I think is reasonable given my age (26) and body type.  In high school I was hanging out around the 110 lb zone which is think is pretty much impossible (and unsafe).

I will post some nice (and by "nice" I really mean "makes me want to run and hide and never show my face in public again") before photos that show how I look currently.  Everybody loves weight loss photos!  I know that I love to look at the success stories and see what they looked like before they lost all that weight and go " that even the same person?"  I figure that I will like doing this about myself even more.  Can you blame me?  I'll do measurements as well.  Like I said, I will be honest and brutal throughout this entire journey.  I hope you can handle it!

I have some long-term goals and some short-term goals.  Shall we?


  • Lose 8 lbs by family reunion (August 28th)
  • Run 2.5 miles on treadmill (end of August)
  • Hike Table Rock in the Grand Tetons (doing this on August 27th...holy moly wish me luck!)
  • Run a 5K
  • Run a 10K
  • Hike Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Lose 20 lbs
  • Lose 30 lbs
  • Look close to this again:

2006 Bridals
In the middle--I would kill for nice legs!
Out on a hike--I love it!
On the left--those pants would rip if I put them on now!
On the right at Lake Powell.  Swimsuit shape--here I come!
Belly-baring would not be so good for me now (on the right)
Goal--happy, healthy, and care-free!
So what am I doing wasting time writing this blog?  Off I go...I'm going home and getting on the treadmill.  I'll update you tomorrow!

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