Monday, August 26, 2013

An Addiction

I'm addicted.  I'm addicted to soda and have been for a while.  At work, we have a soda fountain that is free for all employees meaning I have unlimited access to my drug of choice.  As a working mom with a baby who doesn't sleep through the night, that glass of caffeine each day was a blessing and a way to get through the hours and stay awake.  But it is not healthy for me (or for baby after I did some research) and it is time for me to stop.  Cold turkey.  No more soda for me.

Part of me is very sad about this.  I seriously love the stuff and wish so badly that it was a magical drink that did your body good.  But alas, it is terrible for me (both diet and non-diet) and I know this.

The rest of me is proud I finally have the strength to make this decision and put my health first.  I will be better off both mentally and physically for making this choice.  While some people might think this is a simple choice and it's stupid that it should even be hard for me, others will understand the addicting side of soda and relate.  It's a bit bizarre to associate so much happiness with a beverage, but that's what I've done and need to move forward from now.

Today's Weigh-in: 162.2

And a photo of me with my little boy since I haven't posted one yet:

I sure love this little boy!


  1. I've never commented on your blog but this hit a cord with me. I too am a coke addict (the beverage!) and decided this morning to go cold turkey. My husband has been on a diet and only weighs 5 pounds more than me. Something's gotta go! Good luck to both of us!

  2. You go, girl. Ditching regular and diet soda will improve your life AND the life of your son. He will model after you so getting a handle on your addiction will keep both of you well.

    Keep up the good habits. I went cold turkey from diet coke anot 14 months ago. I use the extra $ from the soda to buy fresh veggies, fruit, and ground bison for my meals. And I have more $$ to spend on vacations with my daughter because I'm sick less often. Win-win

    Let us know how you are doing. Cheering you on....

  3. Congratulations on making the decision to give up soda.
    It's a habit/Addition that's really unhealthy.