Friday, July 30, 2010


We all have them, and they are some of our biggest obstacles in losing weight.  What are yours?  Have you ever thought about it?  Mine are pretty easy to pick out.  First and foremost:

Ohhhhhh Mountain Dew (or mtn dew as the new labels signify it) I love thee.  Not only are you tasty and delicious, you provide me with my needed caffeine boost half way through the day.  Sigh.  I will miss you so.  I have a feeling your visits will be much less frequent in these coming months.


TV and general laziness.  I am a homebody.  I love to come home after a long day at work and curl up on the couch and watch my favorite show or read a good book.  I am typically exhausted after my work day so the thought of having to get sweaty during a workout is none-to-appetizing.  The good thing about watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance is that all the dancers are in phenomenal shape and it is a good motivator to hop on the treadmill and try to catch up to them!


Pride and general stubbornness.  It is worth noting that I am an independent person who doesn't like being forced to do something.  So when someone says "you've put on some should probably hit the gym..." or "...are you really going to eat that?", you can bet that I am going to have the exact opposite reaction to whatever they have suggested.  Why?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  It is rather stupid, especially when I know they are right.  It makes it worse when my very loving and patient husband (truly, that is not sarcasm.  I am a very lucky woman) tries to help me out with the situations I have ate myself into and makes helpful suggestions such as "want to go for a run together?" or "let's go for a hike since I know that you love being outdoors" and I react illogically by thinking "what?  he thinks I'm FAT!  nobody loves me!!!! wahhhhh!"  

**insert tantrum here**

I think it is probably compounded by the fact that my husband is a sexy beast.  No, seriously.  Check this out:

How does one not feel inferior to such a fine specimen?  Hot Dayum.  Alas, my lack of self esteem plays mean tricks on his helpful suggestions.  That is one huge motivator for getting back into shape.  I don't ever want a few pounds to get in the way of such a wonderful marriage.  

So now that I've laid out my vices, I know where I need to put extra effort into.  By far the most important is #3.  Curse that stubborn pride!

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