Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog--Meet Stef!

Hello hello hello!

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am lucky enough to be featured on Stef's blog Run On!  She is HILARIOUS and is a fellow Utah blogger, so you know that I can't help but love the girl.  Be sure to check her out (and learn a bunch of random schtuff about me while you're at it)!

This is my life summed up perfectly.
Seriously...clickity click click click right now.  You won't be sorry you did!


  1. Heck YAY!! Another Utah girl! Love that and can't wait to hopefully meet you! Loved getting to know you on Stef's blog!

  2. Just came across your blog! I love finding othe Utah bloggers!!!!

  3. loved reading your "introducing" are seriously the BEST!!!!

  4. Hahahaha, I love that you found one of the most awkward photos of me on my blog! LOVE IT. :) Truthfully, that picture sums me up in a nutshell. Slightly crazy....:) Thanks again!