Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I know I totally owe you a race recap post...

...and it will be awesome because it will include details about me becoming one with the pavement during the run.    And by that I mean I tripped and ate some pavement.  In front of hundreds of people.  Oh yes.  My grace knows no bounds.

However, I am strapped for time so I have not had the opportunity to write you the post that you so much deserve.  So, instead you get some photos from my run today.  I know this is what you really wanted anyway.


Well, that's unfortunate because it's all I can give to you at the moment!  So enjoy?

Sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains
Summer is on its way out.  I know this because I had to bust out my headlamp and reflective vest this morning.  Boo!
This is not from this morning.  But this is from last week's bike ride and I'm throwing it in.
Love my views during my bike rides and runs!
Sunset during my last bike ride.  Beautiful!
Also, this is the view outside of my office.  I love the mountains in the valley.  I would miss them if I ever moved!
I hope you enjoyed my fluff post.  Please know I will make it up to you with a really awesome race recap.  Now I REALLY owe it to you!  :)


  1. GORGEOUS VIEWS! not so excited about the fact that the days are getting shorter again. boo. cant wait to read your recap though!

  2. You can't even tell you ate pavement in that picture. And I can't wait for the race report. Not just for the becoming one with the pavement part either =)

    And unlike Julia, I don't mind the shorter days. Mostly because then my girls don't think it's still daytime because it's "bright" when they go to bed. Plus I mostly run on the treadmill so I can just turn on the light.

  3. What nice views!!! Hmm, I am going to have to start taking more pictures as I got out and about on runs or whatever of views. I don't really think it's very pretty here because everything is so dry in Texas but, there are some nice places that would be good to take pictures of just to have for memories.

  4. Man I would LOVE to have views like THAT!!! GORGEOUS!!

  5. Love the pictures! You are awesome. Lets hangout in real life real soon.

    Dinner sometime?

  6. I love the color of the sky. So pretty