Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy Races, Batman!

Twelve races in twelve months...I might just be crazy.

Hubster and I have designated this year as Year of the Runner.  This year will be a year full of races and focusing on running.  It will be a year to push ourselves to our limits and finish challenges we didn't think we were capable of.

Should be exciting!

After posting my blog yesterday, I decided that if I really am going to run a race per month I should probably find ones that spark my interest.  So, without further ado, here is the magical list of options:



(not many races in Utah in March--I'm still not sure I'm crazy enough to do this one!)



(Running this with my bestie...debating whether I want a medal bad enough to run the half over the 10k.  I love me some medals!)

(This one sounds so fun!!)

(Just ignore this one...move right along...nothing to see here.  Okay--not sure if I am capable of doing this one, but if I am going to run a marathon this is the year to do it.  We didn't designate it year of the runner for we will see how I feel after my first half marathon.)



A jingle jog 5k...none are posted yet, but I know there will be some!

This list of races did just the trick for my motivation.  I'm excited about running again!  Some of these look like so much fun, and others are ran through such beautiful areas that it couldn't be terrible to run them.  I'll keep you updated on my progress!

An another note, yesterday my work began a Biggest Loser competition. We will be competing on most weight loss and largest drop in body fat percentage.  We did this a year ago, and I am happy to report that my weigh in yesterday had me down 20 lbs and 6% body fat from the last time I weighed in.  Yay for that!  I don't expect to win this competition, but I do expect it to be another motivator for me to keep working hard.  It's already helping!  I can't wait for my body fat percentage to be within the healthy range...just a few months of hard work and I'll be there!

What fun races do you have scheduled this year?  What is keeping you motivated these days?


  1. I am also attempting a 12 month 12 race goal. I already have January done with my 5km last weekend and will be participating in another 5km on Saturday. Good luck with all your planned races.

  2. 12 in 12 might be my goal NEXT year. Right now I am focused on the Disney Princess!

  3. You guys!!!! Becky and Sabrina - 12 races in 12 months is totally MY THING!!! I am SO SO SO excited about having fellow 12 in 12 racers!!!

  4. WOW! That's going to be amazing, and accomplishing it will put you on top of the world!

  5. That is an awesome schedule! I wish I lived nearby so I could join you :) I have only planned four this year but who knows? Hi from Fat to Fit!

  6. Congratulations on being down 20lbs. It sounds like you have a very full year planned! I wish I could run, haha.

  7. In July, just have fun running the 10K; then you can steal someone's flashing medal. Totally kidding.

    I might do Top of Utah with you.

  8. ummmm how do we have the same life??? and never knew it! i ran keys and WB. I ran Vegas last year and am already signed up for the Vegas relay this year as well. ahhhhh. craziness. I saw that legacy midnight race. it seriously looks so fun but not sure i will do it now that I am running the timp. are you still doing that one?