Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm BACK, baby...and have answers to Q&A time!

I was only gone for ten days, but it felt like a month!  The Ragnar Relay was a blast and I will dedicate a whole post to the race once I get my feet under me again.  I've been going like crazy!  China was also interesting, and I'll share some pictures from that as well.

But now it is time to answer your questions about me!  Shall we begin?

Sabrina asked me:

What is your guilty pleasure?  
SO many answers to this question!  It could be anything from those stupid orange circus peanut candies (seriously, I can't get enough of them), to cheesy TV shows like Vampire Diaries.  They are too good to pass up!
Where/How did you and the hubster meet and where did you go for your honeymoon?

I met Hubster my freshman year of college at Utah State University.  We had Psychology together and he thought I was cute and made a point to come sit by me.  Nothing actually came of it until a year later when we had Accounting together and we studied together.  We became good friends and then that turned into dating!

As for our honeymoon, we were lucky enough to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It was such a fun place!  We played on the beach, we went on a zip-line in the jungle, went snorkeling off some islands, and went on sunset cruises.  It was perfect (except for the fact that I got really sick within a day of landing there!).

Cafe Moka asked me:

What was your major in College? 

I went into college planning on studying Psychology, but quickly changed my major to Accounting.  With only one semester left before graduation I discovered (after an awful Tax Accounting class) that accounting was NOT for me, and promptly changed my major to Marketing.  It was a great move for me--the classes were amazing and my GPA sharply rose back to 4.0s each semester.
Were you a good student?
Hmmm...I was an excellent student in high school (the lowest grade I ever got was an A-) and I scored high on my ACT (32).  High school was a breeze for me and I wasn't used to having to study.  When I got to college, I had a rude awakening.  My first year of college I wasn't working so I had plenty of time to study and I had A's all freshman year.  However, once I started working 20-30 hours a week (and started hating my major) my grades slowly declined.  Once I changed to Marketing as my major, the grades improved and I graduated with honors.  I did get an F once though!  I had a class I hated so bad that I just stopped going.  Big mistake--I had to retake it and suffer through it twice!

Did you live with your husband before getting married?
Yes and no--We never formally lived together but we were pretty much inseparable and he was ALWAYS at my place.  Just ask any of my old roommates--they probably wanted to charge him rent!  

Can you share your proposal story?

Of course!   Hubster and I dated for nearly 3 years before we got engaged, so we knew each other really well.  However, I didn't expect him to propose when he did!  I woke up on Valentine's Day to a knock on my door and a dozen roses from my handsome man.  He made me breakfast while I got ready for the day.  He delivered roses throughout the day and made me feel very special.  When it came to dinnertime, he made me the most delicious Fettuccine Alfredo (seriously amazing) and told me all the reasons he loved me.  When he got down on one knee, I almost cried I was so happy!  He was super cute...he got a little choked up when he asked me, and of course I said yes!

That's the end of the questions.  If you have anything else you would like to know about me, don't hesitate to ask!  


  1. Great post! Love hearing more about you.

  2. Loved the q&a. Can't wait to hear about Ragnar!!

  3. Love your proposal story! So romantic!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  4. Love hearing the answers to the questions. one more, What is your favorite 3 books and why?
    Have a great one.

  5. I am so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours:) I am your newest follower! Um, you are GORGEOUS!!! Loved these answers. Yay for Utahns ha!!! I want to go to Mexico right now ha! Love that you two met in a psychology class. Yay, for new blog friends!!! Keep loving that feeling of accomplishment at the end of your runs:)

  6. Good call on the mountain dew mormon party so true! Have a great Thursday!

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