Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Trivia Time

A few of my blogger friends recently did a Q&A post that I thought was a lot of fun and wanted to do myself.  Now is the time to send me any and all questions you may want to ask about me.  I promise I will answer them!  I think it is a fun way to get to know each other.  Just leave a comment with some questions you might have and I'll respond in a few days (after Ragnar!).

To get the fun started, I thought I would supply some fun and random trivia facts about myself:
  • I won the spelling bee in 6th grade.  The word was "esophagus."  I was (and might still be) such a nerd.  :)
  • My dad is a potato farmer and I grew up working in Spud Harvest every year since I was 8 and I LOVED it.  I drive up to Idaho ever year during harvest time--I can't stand it if I miss it!
  • I am the only redhead in my entire extended family.  There are some theories about why this is, and most involve the mailman. 
  • I hadn't worked out a day in my life until my sophomore year of college.
  • I've been lucky enough to travel the world for my job and have been to Europe, Mexico, and China, but I have never been to Canada and it borders the state I grew up in.  This is a sad fact for me.
  • Even though I'm a redhead, I can tan very well.  I rarely sunburn!  My husband, on the other hand, burns very easily.  Our poor future children!
I'm looking forward to seeing what questions you have.  Even if you've never commented before, please feel free to join in the fun!

See how much fun we're having already?


  1. Let's see... What is YOUR guilty pleasure?? ;)

    Where/How did you and the hubster meet (Hi hubster!)and where did you go for your honeymoon?

  2. That picture is so cute!