Thursday, February 24, 2011

About my hair...

...I haven't had a hair cut in a year.  Not even a trim.  Gross, I know.  I don't know how it happened, but it did (or didn't, I guess) and now I am very much overdue for a hair cut.

So...should I keep it long?  go shorter?  add bangs?  more layers?  I'd like to hear your thoughts.  It is important to note that I have never had hair shorter than my shoulders.  I don't think I could handle my hair being that short so that's probably out because I'm a giant chicken!  Last time I got it cut I had my hair stylist take off 10 inches so I could donate it.  Even with that much cut off it was still to my collarbone!

Here are some photos throughout the years of my hair at different lengths for you to help me decide.  :)  Going through this pictures was both horrifying and motivating--lots of "goal weight" pictures and lots of "GAH!!" pictures.

November Pics 109
Photo #1: Not wearing a snuggie, and even though it looks like it I really don't want to kill you

Picture2 281
Photo #2: I'm sneaking in this photo because I love it.  That is all.
Picture2 203
Photo #3: I love lizards!

August 2005 040
Photo #4: I look so different in this picture than I do now.  Weird.

Disney World! 203
Photo #5:  Not a hair cut picture, but this is what humidity does to straightened hair.  Yikes!!
January Pictures 068
Photo #6 with a cameo from Running Roommate--Love this pic!
My Pictures 444
Photo #7:  I seem to have a problem with posing with normal faces.  And disregard the battle ax in the background...I really don't know why it was there...
September and October 2005 063
Photo #8 with my aunts
Photo #9: I don't look happy?
beck blalck and white
Photo #10:  Now I do!
WAC tourny part 3 014
Photo #11:  Yes--Hubster was a cheerleader.  No mocking--he had super sexy muscles cuz of it.  
Baby Griffin 488 crop
Photo #12: Not my baby--it's my nephew.  This is right before I cut the 10 inches off.
Rome 278 crop
Photo #13: Bright sun!
Ohio 021 c rop
Photo #14:  Right after chopping the 10 inches off my hair.
For Blog 002
Photo #15: And my hair right now...
So....which look is your favorite?  Don't judge the hair by my weight in the pictures--just look at the hair!


  1. I kinda like it now.... Straight and long is just so beautiful on you!!!!

  2. What do you like best? I agree with Ann, the long and straight looks beautiful, then again, the bangs and layers look shows off your eyes. You can loose - anyway you go - You're gorgeous darlin!

  3. Although I love the long hair on you, I'd say go bold and get it cut in a cute funky fun style. Have fun! It'll grow back, right?!

  4. I love photo #4, but I totally agree with you, I never go shorter than my shoulders either. No matter what you decided you will still be gorgeous.

  5. I really like your bangs in 9-11! But I also have bangs just like that, so maybe that is why. Maybe get a couple inches cut off, some layers, and bangs! And then we would be hair twins... hahaha. Really whatever you do though - all those pictures are beautiful! I love your hair!!!!