Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Water Water Water

I don't drink enough water.

Not even close.

After paying better attention to my water intake, it has become apparent that I have much better runs when I have had enough water during the day.  I also manage my weight better.  Plus I don't feel as hungry during the day.  Fun fact: most of the time when our body is telling us we are hungry, it is actually trying to tell us we are thirsty.  So try drinking 8 oz. first and then wait a few minutes.  If you are still hungry, go ahead and eat. If not, celebrate knowing that you were just thirsty and have saved yourself from eating extra calories!

So the last few days have been spent forcing myself to drink water.  Lots and lots of water.  Hello, work bathroom.  You are my new best friend!  I can't seem to visit you enough!  :)  Even with the annoying frequency with which I visit the porcelain throne, I must admit I am feeling much better and my weight has started to level out.  Thank goodness!

Today's challenge to you--drink half your weight in ounces of water!


  1. Thanks for the reminder about water! It seems like I will go through a period of a few weeks where I am REALLY good about drinking water, but when I consciously stop reminding myself to drink it, my intake usually drops. It's a great reminder about the importance of water! Thanks, Becky!!

  2. I agree with Ann, I can do good for a long time drinking only water then all of a sudden I am sick of it. But it is really important to drink water. Thanks for the Challenge Becky!