Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Power We Possess

I don't know about you, but when I run or workout my body kind of goes on autopilot and my mind just drifts around.  I might start thinking about the chores I need to do that day, or the weather, or upcoming races, or really anything at all.  On my last run I got thinking about the possibility of running the Top of Utah Marathon.  A couple of years ago I watched one of my friends cross the finish line at that race and I remember distinctly thinking, "These people are crazy...who would want to run for 4 or 5 hours straight?  They are freaking rock stars, but totally crazy..."

I sit today contemplating becoming one of those freaking crazy rock stars.  As my mind was drifting during that last run, I thought about all the bloggers out in web land that have inspired me and shown me what our bodies are capable of.  There are women who have lost 100+ pounds and now run multiple marathons a year!  Can you imagine going back in time to their overweight selves and saying "Hey you...did you know in two years time you will be running 26.2 miles and LOVING it?"

They would think you were crazy.

But something happened to them that I think is happening to most of us at the beginning of this journey we are on.  We are finding we are capable of more than we ever thought.  Those of us that thought we would never be able to run a 5k without dying are finding that we can do it and it actually is just a little bit fun.  We then discover that a 10k is achievable and takes about the same effort to run as the 5k originally did.  Eventually, what we thought was a huge challenge becomes something fun and easy to us.

I never ever thought I would refer to a 3 mile run as a "quick and easy fun run," but that's exactly how I described it to my husband the other day.  If you were a blog reader of mine back when I first started, you will know that it was a HUGE struggle for me to even be able to run a mile straight without stopping.  I remember being so frustrated by my inability to run a mile straight, and now I can run for 7+ miles straight without stopping.  I've only been running for half of a year, and I haven't been making a strong effort to improve my running abilities either.  Which brings me to the revelation I had during that run:

Our bodies are capable of so much more than our minds will let us realize. 

With training and commitment, we can absolutely reach our goals--whether that is to run a mile, a 5k, a triathlon, a marathon, or an Ironman (or any other challenge you can come up with).  It is 100% possible.  You have to do the prep work, but your body will reward you.  It is one of the few things in life that we can invest in and consistently get the return we desire.  

I know without a doubt that if I follow my running schedule I will be able to run a marathon.  I know that my mind will be at risk for giving out way before my body will, and that I am stronger than any negative thoughts that might prevent me from achieving my goal.  With a strong commitment, a person can do anything they set their mind to.

What have you set your mind to do?


  1. My first goal is to condition up to and run a 5k. We'll see where running takes me after that! :)

  2. So so true! A lot of the time it's our mind that's holding us back NOT our bodies and abilities!

  3. Becky. I love, love, LOVE this blog!! It's SO TRUE!! I haven't been running that long (only about 3-4 months), and am already like - 2 miles? 3 miles? No problem!! You know I just ran over 7 miles last weekend. I can't WAIT to get more into training and developing myself as a runner. Bonus: losing weight helps you run faster. Less weight to carry around. I often categorize my good/bad runs by how they were, MENTALLY, not just the time or distance. I've come to realize that running is 90-95% mental. :) Thanks for articulating everything I've been feeling!!

  4. Great Blog!! You're so Freakin' Inspirational Becky!!! hahahaha... =) Keep it up!!!