Friday, July 29, 2011

365 Days to Change a Life

It's been exactly one year.

One year since I decided I had had enough of being depressed, out of shape, and miserable.

Today I find myself reflecting on the accomplishments of the last year and reflecting on how much my life has truly changed for the better.  While I have encountered set backs and disappointments along the way, I have no regrets for embarking on such an adventure and succeeding at so many goals I thought were unattainable.  What began as just a simple way to log my workouts and thoughts about losing weight has developed into so much more.  My blog has become a place for me to celebrate my successes, share my trials, and foster amazing friendships with people all across the country.  It has grown into so much more than I thought possible.  It has also made this journey possible for me! One year later and I'm still going strong working out and continuing to make healthy decisions.

A year ago I was miserable and defeated.

Today I am strong and genuinely happy.

Tomorrow I run my second half marathon when a year ago I couldn't even run for one minute.  A 5k seemed like a mountain and a 10k seemed impossible.  Within 8 weeks I will have ran a marathon.

Sometimes it is easy to forget how far we have come.  Today has given me the opportunity to look over the past year and really examine all the amazing things that my new found health has my possible for me.  Here are some of my favorite highlights:
I've also officially defeated my asthma in the process.  I don't even take my inhaler with me anymore; I simply don't need it.  To be able to say that I can run for two hours straight without a need for an inhaler is just beyond comprehension for me.  

For those of you that have been with me from the beginning--THANK YOU for your support.  You kept me going when the going got tough.  For those of you that are just joining me--I can't wait to show you what else I'm capable of!  If the last year has taught me anything, it is that we can be so much more than we even dare to dream.
Pre-leg 1
Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon 037
Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon 023
Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back 144
Couples 5k 023
Couples 5k 007
Idaho 027
Mount Timpanogos 146
Mount Timpanogos 124
Florida Keys Ragnar 171
Florida Keys Ragnar 165
Florida Keys Ragnar 078


  1. What a HUGE accomplishment, and I know you have even more in store. Congratulations!!!

  2. What an awesome year!! You have worked so hard and have accomplished so much! Congratulations!! You are an inspiration. Reading this post gets me excited to see where I will be in one year from now!

    Oh, and I just bought the exact same Nike running capris that you have on in your first picture. LOVE. THEM!!! So comfy!

  3. Okay Becky this post is simply AMAZING!! I am so so proud of you girl and all of your accomplishments. You are such an inspiration to me and to so many others out there that are just beginning their fitness journeys!

    You ran Florida Keys Ragnar? Me too! If only I knew you then. Wasn't it so much fun? Oh the memories!

    I can't wait to meet you tomorrow and seriously get chills about how amazing it is that I have made so many great friends through blogging and running. Love it!

  4. Wow!! Congrats on all your accomplishments. I wish you the best tomorrow and I can't wait for the recap.

  5. Congrats! I'm so proud of all you have accomplished over the year. You are a RUNNER. Don't ever stop

  6. Wow! That's so amazing! I'm glad that you've made such a positive turn in your life! I love reading your blog for inspiration and today's post if just awesome! I can't wait to see how different my life will be in a year! :D

    Have fun running tomorrow! :)

  7. Love this post! What a great year. It is so great to be able to see all the positive growth you've accomplished. Just imagine where you'll be looking back at the end of this year!

  8. Congrats! Your story is wonderful and inspiring. You should be so proud of what you have accomplished. That big of a change is not easy. :)

    Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy your "victory lap"! :)

  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!! this post got me so excited for tomorrow!!! it is seriously going to be awesome. and i feel like we have such similar stories...i just love this post! i could relate so much to it. the pic of you standing at the top of timp is absolutely amazing. the last pic...your smile seriously brought tears to my eyes! you look so happy!!! see you soon :)

  10. What an awesome first post to read on your blog.

    Great job today!! You are awesome to power through your little mishap =)

  11. Congrats! You have done so much!!!

  12. What amazing accomplishments! Way to go, girl! You look amazing!

  13. what a year - CONGRATS!! you go girl.

  14. CONGRATS!! I just found your blog. What a year of SUCCESS! More important than the miles and the distances on the pavement is the miles and distances you've gone to create your own GENUINE happiness!

    {PS...I LOVE your red beautiful!}