Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The moment you know you have a problem...

You know you have a problem with emotional eating when one minute after consuming all the chips in sight (I call them "Stress Chips") something excites you and you jump for joy and a person 20 feet away says "Holy monitor is shaking..."


Probably should lay off the stress chips...

Another person also said, "WOW...that's your third trip to the chips!"

Not my proudest moment.

Time to rethink my eating habits.


  1. I can relate! I don't know why I'm so stressed right now, but my scale is showing what I'm doing. :( Glad I'm not alone.

  2. Oh stress.. it just makes us do crazy things. I too have been overwhelmed with work mostly, so what did my body decide to do.. shut down and get a cold :(

  3. The little bags of Halloween Candy are out and I have already indulged in a bag (yes, a BAG) of peanut butter cups over the past week.