Monday, February 27, 2012

7 Minutes in Heaven? Nah...more like hell!

So my husband is an animal.  Seriously.

As some of you may know, last week marked the start of the Crossfit Games.  The games are open to anyone who wants to compete as long as they pay the entrance fee.  Workouts can be done at home and videoed, or done at a Crossfit affiliated gym.  Hubster signed up (for fun--not to compete) and his WOD (workout of the day) was scheduled for Friday at 5:30.

The first workout of the games?  Seven minutes of burpee hell--as many burpees as you can.  For those of you that have never done a burpee, seven minutes sounds simple enough.  However, for those of you that have done a burpee, well, you know just how miserable this workout really is.  It looked MISERABLE.  I was so thankful that I wasn't having to do them!

Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 368
Burpee love!
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 327
Had to jump 6" or it didn't count!
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 473

Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 504
Sufficiently worn out!
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 497
Time for a cool down outside...
It was funny to watch everyone as soon as the 7-minute countdown stopped--instantly everyone was laid out on the floor trying to catch their breath, not pass out, and not throw up.  That's the sign of a good workout!!
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 660
I'm so proud of him!
Also, I have to admit that there was some serious body motivation at his gym.  Most of the girls there were completely ripped!!  I don't think I've ever seen so many fit people in one location; it was seriously intimidating.  For example:
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 649
One of the trainers
Pena Visit and Crossfit Games 265
This girl's abs were INSANE.  Picture doesn't do it justice.
It was almost enough to convince me to do the WOD right then and there!  I'm still tempted to see how many I could do.  The current leader did 161!!  That is insane!  For comparison, most of the people in these photos got somewhere around 100.  I think anything above 70 is seriously impressive.  

I'm really looking forward to hitting it hard at the gym this week.  I'm also making a really conscious effort to eat a lot of veggies and fruits.  It's simple logic:  Clean Eating + Exercise = Killer body.  All the people I spoke to at that event followed that mantra and you can see their results.  Time to get serious about my health.

Did any of you compete in the Crossfit WOD this weekend?  If so, how did you do?  Link me in your comments!


  1. um seriously so inspiring. Thanks for sharing because now I am totally motivated to have a killer week health wise. You husband is seriously freaking hot. just saying. Does he have a brother?

    And that girls simply amazing!

  2. Wait a second.. is that your HUSBAND with no shirt??????? Ummm............. YUM! Wanna share? Okay totally inappropriate but he is a damn hottie with a body

  3. 55. Boo. I was hoping for 70. But (ha, here come the excuses)I did it alone in my living room, and didn't have the 'gym' atmosphere to get me going or whatever. So excited that you found crossfit. It changed my life (cliche, I know) but true!