Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So it's February 14th and I've only posted once this month...


What can I say?  Life has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes.  Being sick threw me for a loop, and when I stopped working out I lost motivation to blog.  And then it was hard to come back because I didn't know where to start or what to say.  I still don't, but I figure I might as well just start and see what comes!

SO...first things first, shall we look at how I did with my January goals?

For January:
  • Survive HELLth week at my gym
    • I ROCKED this one.  I attended all 6 workouts (and wanted to die).  Loved HELLth week.  I even earned my shirt.
  • Average 4 workouts per week or more
    • I also rocked this one.  I worked out 24 times in January.  I averaged a little over 5 workouts per week.  Booyah!
  • Run 30 miles for the month to supplement the strength training workouts
    • Yeah, no.  Total fail on this one.  I struggled with achilles pain and just a general lack of desire to run.  I'm not sure what my deal is with this one, but I am having a hard time adding running into my Crossfit workouts.  Crossfit wins this round, at least until I can get my injuries under control.
  • Cook 2-3 meals per week
    • Yep.  I actually cooked a lot of meals and ate pretty clean for the month of January.  I just reviewed my bank statement and I didn't eat at one of the typical fast food restaurants for the entire month.  The only places I ate out at were Costa Vida (which in my mind isn't fast food...care to disagree in the comments) and Zupas (which is a delicious salad place...YUM).  I also got a lot more vegetables in my diet during January, which was super awesome.
Overall, I am pleased with my results.  It sucks that I hardly logged any miles (seriously, I think I logged 9...ouch), but I have to be realistic with what I can expect from my body.  We all know I'm ridiculously injury prone, so I'm not sure why I thought I'd be able to balance Crossfit with running.  I am clearly not a rockstar like some others I know.  One day I'll get there, but that day is not today.  However, Crossfit is enough of a workout that I really don't feel too bad about it.  I LOVE working out at my gym.  I've got muscles like I've never had before!

Another thing that has happened since I last posted was the beginning of the annual Biggest Loser competition at work.  The time has come for us to weigh-in, get our body fat tested, and do our best to lose weight over the next 12 weeks.  To be honest, I'm trying not to focus so much on "losing weight" as I am focusing on just trying to be healthy.  However, I signed up anyway simply to get the measurements!  As a team, we took some before photos.  Enjoy:

photo 2
I have to make weird faces when taking photos.  It's a problem.
photo 1
Photos can be awkward...
Fun fact, I am totally wearing that shirt at this very moment.

Next on the agenda to discuss...11 Things!  I've finally gotten around to answering the questions posed to me and I will post the results tomorrow!

What else did I miss during my short blogging hiatus?  Update me in the comments!


  1. Love the posts. Ash is a total beast with running + crossfit - I was JUST thinking the same thing. What did you miss? GURRRRLLL, you know a celebrity! I was featured in the paper this morning! I also gave up the scale and started my OFFICIAL half-marathon training. Obvi you've missed a lot. NO MORE HIATUSES!!!! :)

  2. At least you're still able to do Crossfit despite a pesky achilles. I hope it starts cooperating soon. Good job on your hard work!

  3. I love that you think I'm a rockstar. LOL. Bahahaha! If you could only see me in CrossFit. I struggle. Trust me.

    After Ogden is over, I'm ready to ease back on running. I love CrossFit way more than running right now. The thought of a 20 miler makes me want to barf right now.