Monday, July 2, 2012

July Already?

Eesh.  Time goes by so fast these days.  The older I get, the faster it seems to go.  I keep worrying that I'm going to blink and I'll wake up 90 years old.  Crazy thoughts!

Starting Weight: 162.2
Today's Weight: 157.8

I survived the weekend!  I did overeat a bit at Texas Roadhouse on Friday (I had to go to a bridal shower there), but I actually logged my calories beforehand and knew exactly what I was eating and how much.  I think it kept me more in check that it normally would have because those Texas Roadhouse rolls (at 225 calories each!) are freaking delicious.  Normally I scarf those suckers down but I kept it in check.

Saturday I was SO tired.  No idea why.  But I actually took TWO naps in one day which is pretty much ridiculous.  I've never done that before.  I think I was fighting off a cold and so my body just needed the rest.  I woke up feeling better and even took some time to go on a 10 mile bike ride.  I originally didn't intend to push all that hard on it (just wanted a relaxing ride) but the sun set on me halfway through the ride so I had to book it home so I wouldn't be riding in the dark!  Oops!  It felt good to get the heart rate up and to push hard.  I was totally exhausted once I got home!

By the way, I will be gone for half this week.  I am going to Lake Powell for some lovely time in the sun!  I cannot wait to see the lovely views again:

Lake Powell 07 028
Lake Powell
Lake Powell 201
Lake Powell
Lake Powell 151
Lake Powell
Lake Powell 110
Lake Powell
Yes, please!  It's going to be about 5 days in the sun and I cannot wait to get my needed dose of Vitamin D. Booyah.  Sadly, I will miss the 4th of July fireworks but I suppose I am willing to give those up in exchange for Lake Powell!

How are you celebrating the 4th of July holiday?


  1. Way to go Becky! Enjoy your vacation. I am incredibly jealous.

  2. We'll be hanging around the house on the 4th and then attending out town's fireworks show in the evening.

    Lake Powell is gorgeous!

  3. Love those photos! Have a great 4th!

  4. i heart lake powell so much! have the best time! and AMAZING job on your eating healthy and weight loss journey! you inspire me!