Friday, June 29, 2012

Mueller Park Hike

Oh yes.  I finally was able to do a real hike.  I've been itching to get out there and climb some mountains but my feet unfortunately just do not want to play nice.  However, I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to try a baby hike to see how bad it hurt.  We opted to try the Mueller Park hike as we had heard it was a gradual climb and should be pretty gentle.
The weather was really nice outside.  It was about 90 degrees in the valley so we were looking forward to gaining some elevation so it could cool off!  Luckily the majority of the hike was in the shade.  It felt SO good to be out in nature and enjoying the sights and smells.  It's very therapeutic!  
My feet felt great for the first mile, but after that my achilles tendon in my right foot started getting angry like I suspected it would.  We continued on for another half mile and then turned around.  I was sad to have to stop so soon, but it was definitely the right decision. 

 We were able to get a good look at the fire lines that they recently put in place on our mountain.  I'm not sure how they actually make them, but they are certainly an endeavor!  With all the recent fires happening in our state and neighboring states, I'm glad something is in place to hopefully help in the case that a fire starts in our area.

As we turned around, my plantar fasciitis started flaring up in my left foot.  It was sending a few quick sharp pangs every step or so.  Eventually the angle of the trail changed and that helped to minimize the flareup.  I was grateful for that!

I will probably hike again soon, but first I would really like to get a deep tissue massage to work through the tightness in my problem areas.  I really think it would help!

Are any of you nervous about fires in your area?  I can't believe how bad the fire season has been this year!

Oh, and for my daily weigh-in:
Starting Weight: 162.2
Today's Weight: 158.6

I was on track and under calories yesterday, so I'm not too stressed about the slight gain from yesterday.  Still feeling good!


  1. Beautiful pictures! And wow girl you are still rocking it. Keep on keeping on I am proud of your progress.

  2. Great pics. Hiking is one of my favorite things.

    Fires have been crazy in Arizona too. It's sad.