Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another NSV!

So, I work at a pretty awesome company.  We sell beautiful interior design plastics that can be used in a large variety of applications.  It's actually pretty beautiful stuff:

Anyway, we are frequently making new brochures and taking photos of our product.  They use employees as the "models" in the shots, and as you can imagine they rarely use someone who is overweight.

Well...I was just walking through one of the rooms and one of the marketing guys stopped me and said, "Hey...are you busy right now?  Can we borrow you for a few minutes?"

"Sure...what for?"

"We need you to model for a shot we are taking."


It's not a big deal really because they are just small shots that don't always make it to print, but the fact that I was considered as an option totally made my day!  Success!!!!  I had to share the good news.  I've been focusing a lot on the bad lately so I'm trying to make a point to talk about the good when it occurs.  As we all know, the good keeps us more motivated than any of the bad.

Anyway--have a great Wednesday!  If I don't post tomorrow or Friday it is because I am in Milwaukee for a couple days of work.  Wish me luck!