Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Post is Brought to You at 36,000 Feet

You gotta love technology.  As I type I am traveling 36,000 feet in the air on an airplane and blazing the internet at lightning fast speeds.  And, thanks to Google Chrome it is free for the month!  Happy travels indeed...

I have good (non-weight related) news to share.  I mentioned a while ago that I wouldn't cut off my pinky for $200,000 because then I wouldn't be able to play the piano.  What I didn't tell you is that I haven't been able to play the piano for several years due to a severe lack of piano.  As in I don't own one.  I only get to play when I visit my family in Idaho, which is never enough!

She's even prettier in real life!  SO HAPPY!
Anyway, I've been wanting a piano for years and diligently saving funds up for the specific purpose of buying a piano.  And yesterday?  I FINALLY bought one!!!!!  I bought a used Yamaha (thus saving a boatload of money while still getting a great piano), and it will be in my home by the time I return from my business trip.  Best. Day. Ever.

What is something you have wanted for so long that you finally were able to get through hard work?


  1. Sooooo much easier to play when you actually have one!

  2. Ahhh, congrats on the piano! It's beautiful!!! :)