Friday, March 25, 2011

Let this be a Lesson...

Excessive eating of these:

I ate this many x1000
results in this very mortifying event:

Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 032

That's right...I totally split a huge 6 inch rip into my pants as I was leaving for the airport on Wednesday.  Awesome.  It is a DARN good thing it happened when I was making my move to sit down in my car and not while in the office.  It is also a good thing I happened to be traveling somewhere where I had packed more than one set of pants (even though I was only going to be gone for one day) and I could promptly change my outfit in the car.  No one (but my loyal readers) had to witness my shame.

Holy crap. 

Let's talk about that being the extra motivation to get my butt in gear!  I had also stepped on that scale that morning to a horrifying 4 pound gain which made me up 7 lbs from my last weigh in on this blog.  Umm...that ain't good, folks.  Anyone want to fly out to Salt Lake City and become my personal trainer (for free, of course) and whip my butt into gear?  Cuz someone needs to...

The good news is that I had already realized the poundage was an issue.  The day before I had woken up and while getting ready for work thought to myself that my pants were fitting tighter than they usually do (hmmm...foreshadowing for the next day's event?) and that something needed to be done to prevent me moving up a size.  So Hubster and I went for a 3.16 mile run.  I'm not gonna lie--it really sucks coming back from an injury and seeing so much progress lost.  I am so much slower than I was before the injury.  I'm back up to an 11:30 minute mile.  I'm hoping that will only last a month or so, because it does not please me!!

Speaking of cute is he?

Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 002

Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 009

Don't judge me on the's the first one I've ever decorated and I was in one helluva hurry.  I only have a very short period of time after work before the hubby got home!  It was a mad rush involving no less than 3 trips to the grocery store.  Boooo!

Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 020
Hotel in Milwaukee was totally sweet...
 Also, I went to Milwaukee for a day.  It was a short and rushed trip.  We got in at 11 pm, had a meeting at 8 am till 2 pm, got to the airport at 2:30 and were in the air shortly afterwards.  Gotta love those short trips.  I did think it was cool that you could see the reflection of the plane in the engine though:

Jason's Birthday and Milwaukee 030

It is surprisingly difficult to get a good picture through an airplane window when you are using a ginormous camera.  Also, people may or may not look at you reallllly weird.  Sometimes I think they think the camera might be a bomb or something.  How is it that familiar items suddenly become unfamiliar and scary while 36,000 feet in the air?

Also, this is currently happening in Utah:

This means that my beautiful trip to Zion National Park has been postponed a week.  Double Boooo.  Oh well.  I will curl up, take a hot bath, and relax this weekend.  I will also go for a run.  This brings me to my next topic...

As you know, I was planning on running one race (at a minimum) per month.  Well, something I definitely didn't factor into my plan was the risk of injury.  Not being able to run very much as well as a severe shortage of races in the region during the month of March has put me in a pretty sad situation--I don't have a race for March.  I am 100% sure that there will be no chance for me to run a race this month.  So...I guess I will have to make up for it another month and run two races in a month.  Don't judge me!!  I really wanted to meet this goal.  Unfortunately, my only option is to run a non-official solo race.  Technically we call that a "run" and these occur all the time.  Somehow it doesn't have the same feel.  Sad face.

Anyway, it's Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  Sunday comes afterwards.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  :)

Forgive me for linking that monstrosity.  And good luck getting it out of your head.  :)


  1. Y'all are BOTH too cute!!! Your cake is beautiful. We always insist on homemade, and we make some ugglee cakes! LOL! But they always taste real good...

  2. Wow! You have had a lot going on! I am totally confident that you will put down the circus peanuts and get your groove back!

  3. OMG, Becky!! Pants ripped? Truthfully, I have done that before, too. Lol. Atleast you have a clear idea of what you need to do to get back on track. If I could fly out to Utah to be your workout buddy for a week, I totally would!! :) Maybe sometime in the future?