Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.  I ate right, tracked my calories, and GOT A RUN IN!!!  And the weather was absolutely perfect for a run.  I was in heaven!

I convinced my friend to join me for the run--I needed backup in case I had to be carried home!  It was nice to run at a slow pace and get outdoors.  I can't believe how good it felt to be outside and be running.  I missed it more than I thought!  We ended up doing 1.55 miles in 19 minutes (just over a 12:00 minute mile) which is a lot slower than I was running before my injury, but I really wanted to start out slow and make sure I didn't hurt myself worse.  I think it paid off--my calf felt great!  I could've ran longer, but my friend doesn't normally run so she was a bit worn out after our second loop around the park by my house.  She wanted to stop, so we decided to call it a day.  I was tempted to go for another mile after she left my house, but decided to play it safe and stop.  I think that was probably wise.
My bestie from high school--she was ready to call 911 if necessary!

Today my calf feels fine--no pain.  I'm going to go for a bike ride with my husband after work.  I want to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but I don't think it's smart to run two days in a row just yet.  Hopefully the biking won't hurt either!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  If nice, what are your plans for enjoying it?


  1. Hope you have a nice bike ride. I really want to get a new bike for the summer here

  2. A perfect day indeed! So glad 911 was not necessary!

  3. bike riding is such fun, enjoy the day

  4. I love riding my bike on "recovery" days. Glad to hear your calf is improving!

  5. I can't wait for the warm weather to hit Michigan! I'm going to do the same thing and start out slowly too.

  6. Love it! So glad you had a great run!! :)