Monday, August 16, 2010

Calories In...Calories Out

I am beginning to think that in order for me to meet my upcoming weight loss goals, I am going to have to begin counting calories.  I usually try to steer clear of counting calories because it makes me a bit obsessive and also makes me feel like I am too confined, and that always makes me want to rebel.  Not a good thing when that means stuffing your face in shame.
Om nom nom.

Anyway...what makes me think this needs to start again is last week's weigh in.  I had the exercising thing down, but still gained some weight.  Logically, this means I must have made up for the calories burned during exercise by eating more than I should have.  So alas, it begins.  If it feels too controlled for me, I might end up backing off the counting but for now I will be counting calories.  The goal range is between 1200-1500 calories per day.

Some days, that feels like all I get to eat is this:

Other days it isn't so bad.  However, in the past I have noticed that this switch is difficult for about 3 days and then your body adjusts and you suddenly don't have hunger pains anymore.  Our bodies aren't meant to eat as much as a normal American does.  The nice thing about a eating within this range is that I normally don't experience "food comas" after a big meal.

Yep.  Food know what I'm talking about.

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