Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something to Remember

Yesterday was yet again another day where I did NOT want to work out.  I got home and begrudgingly got into my work out clothes.  I dilly-dallied around the house "prepping" for the workout, which really should just consist of filling my bottle with water.  Somehow I stretched it into more than that to delay the inevitable meeting with the treadmill.  Finally, I sucked it up and hopped on the machine.

Instantly, my shins were in pain.  Because of the extra weight I carry around, the motion of running is extra hard on those precious shins.  Pound, pound, pound on the treadmill...I wanted to stop after one minute.  I nearly did.  However, I decided I could push through the pain.  A quote my friend had posted on facebook just that afternoon came to my mind: "Who do you want to be?....Now you know what you have to go and do." I knew that the person I wanted to be was not the lazy person who comes home and vegges out on the couch.  The person I want to be is strong, confident, and sexy.  She's a person who doesn't have to obsess about her weight because she's in great shape already.  She is someone who just has to focus on maintaining her body weight, not shedding it.  Oh how I long to be in the maintenance mode!

Anyway, so that quote was the last minute inspiration I needed.  I ended up running straight for 2.5 miles and then walking another .75.  After I was done I felt so proud of myself.  I know it is a small amount, but for me it was huge especially considering the roadblocks I had put in my way that I had to overcome just to get on the treadmill in the first place.  I think I need to focus on striving for the feeling I get AFTER I work out, not during.  I think that will keep me much more motivated in the future to workout!

This is a nice visual of how sweaty I am after work outs like that.  Gotta love it?

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