Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Employees

"Dear Employees:

Our HR consultants would like to apologize for the error in processing paychecks yesterday.  In an effort to make up for their mistake, they will be here between 11 and 1 serving pizza to all employees.

Thank you-

Oh dear.  

Free pizza.  Someone help me.  That's like my own personal kryptonite.  

I have a few thoughts on the matter:
  1. FEED ME!!  Free food just some how manages to taste better.  It's like my memories from being a starving college student kick in and add extra tastiness.
  2. Our HR consultants should make ginormous mistakes more often (short paying and over paying people is AWESOME!) if they continue to bribe me with Papa John's pizza.
  3. One slice of pizza is 330 calories.  I could eat an entire 5 gallon bucket of spinach before I hit that calorie count.  Not cool, calories...not cool...
Preach it.
Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOD. I'd need to leave the building I think!! Pizza is a trigger food for me,I can't eat just one slice!