Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Northwest Passage

First things first--my bike ride went well last night.  Hubster joined me and we biked for about 9 miles in 50 minutes.  It was a good ride and I definitely felt the burn in my quads on the hills.  It was a great day for a bike ride and I'm glad I went.  I needed to burn of a few extra calories for the day, and biking made that happen.  I am also please to report that my weigh-in yesterday wasn't a fluke and that I am holding strong at 149.6 this morning as well.  Can I get a booyah?
This puts me back on track.  I'm really happy with how much my waist shrunk over the last couple of weeks.  I could tell a difference in the mirror, but I didn't realize it was that dramatic.  Having these specific goals with time constraints has really been helpful in pushing through this plateau and seeing results.  Adding biking will also help.  I'm really hoping that by my anniversary (May 27th--5 years with Hubster!) I will be down to around 145 or below.  We are going to be in Australia during that time which means bikini which means it is GO time!  Wish me luck!

Also...I've added another race to my list for the year.  I will be running an additional Ragnar Relay.  For those keeping track, I've already ran the Florida Keys race and will be running Wasatch Back (in Utah) and Las Vegas this year.  Well, we can now add the Northwest Passage Ragnar to this list.  Hubster emailed me today and asked if I was interested.  Hello--it runs through beautiful Washington (never been there!) and the course looks amazing!  Of course I'm interested!  It also starts just 45 minutes away from Vancouver and I haven't been to Canada yet either so we will make a stop up there.  It's been on my bucket list for years!  Anyway, we're officially signed up and are working on our team.  The race is mid-July so hopefully I don't melt to death.  It is going to be an awesome event!

Does anyone that lives in Washington have any suggestions or recommendations for running in Washington during July?  What should I expect?


  1. That is so awesome that you and hubby are doing all these races together!! And Australia? WOW!! I am jealous!! Can't wait to see those pictures!

  2. I happen to live in Blaine, if you need a local volunteer hit me up!!! Seriously!!

    You won't be in my immediate vicinity for long but you can expect cool temps at night (60's) and warmer temp during the day (70's). July is usually pretty dry but you never know, it could and probably will rain at some point.

  3. Great job on the weight loss. Nothing like a "bikini" trip to get you motivated. :) You are doing awesome!

  4. You have great races coming!
    Ya for you (maybe) coming to Canada! Never been to Vancouver myself and I have been living in Canada forever, I should totally go there one day!

  5. How cool! I'm in Eastern WA which is way diff than Western. WA in July should be very pleasant to run in--no humidity either.

  6. I think I need to start taking measurements so I can see the difference with what I'm doing. It's probably added motivation.
    Yay! For another race sign up.