Friday, April 22, 2011

Hip, Hip, No Hurray...

My hip is really bothering me.

There is something wrong with it to the point where I have a good amount of lower back and hip pain, and it wraps around my leg causing quad pain clear down to my knee.  I have NO idea what it is.  I've tried resting, stretching, foam rolling, ibuprofen, hot tubbing, yoga, massages, etc. and I just can't find relief.  I didn't run yesterday because it was bothering me enough that I thought I should probably rest it another day.  Except I woke up this morning and it's worse than it was yesterday.  What the heck is going on?

Yesterday I saw the following deal on Living Social:

I am very hopeful that the people at this Institute will be able to see what is causing the issue and fix it through their fancy massage techniques.  I think my right hip is slightly out of place.  It almost feels like someone needs to hook me up to one of those stretching torture devices so that my bones/muscles are forced back into the right position.  At this point I am desperate!  It's been hurting for nearly 2 weeks and isn't improving.  That has me super nervous, especially since I have a half marathon in 8 days(!!).  

So...I've decided that I am just going to have to continue running through the pain.  I can't miss anymore runs, and the back pain seems to be unrelated to the running as it is getting worse even with rest.  I will run 4ish miles tonight and hopefully it will feel okay.  I'll be listening to my body during the run and stopping if I think it is causing harm.

To all you runners out there--any idea what might be causing my problem?


  1. Oh goodness, sorry to hear that :(
    I hope that you're able to figure out what the problem is & not further injure yourself.
    (I am glad to see the living social deal. I keep hearing the advertisements on Pandora when I'm working out & have thought about looking into it. Now I definitely will!)
    And thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday...and leaving me my first comment :)...I appreciate the kindness & support!

  2. I'm sorry your hip is bugging you. Last summer I was having a lot of problems with my hip (strained sacrum) and it ended up leading to my IT Band problems. :( Don't ignore pain!

  3. Sorry to hear about your hip. I hope it starts feeling better soon.

  4. I hope hope HOPE it's not your IT band. Jay and some knee pain, but your IT band travels from your knee up to your hip. Google it. And keep us posted! Meanwhile, I am just catching up on 2 days worth of blogs - and you had 4 of them!! OMG, I'm a bad blogger friend! Going to go catch up now. :) Have an awesome weekend and rest that hip, girl!!

  5. What about your shoes? I used to run in a pair of 4-year-old athletic shoes, but when I started to run more than 4 miles at a time, I would ache all over. When I bought a 'real' pair of running shoes, I was amazed at how the aches in my feet & hips went away. I've heard that bad shoes can cause all sorts of problems. I hope it starts feeling better!

  6. If that doesn't work for you, check out Muscle Works in Highland, UT. I've been having hip pain/ITB knee problems and after ONE session (always $45/hr) I am Soooooo much better. I can't believe I waited so long to go. They are amazing and treat many professional and collegate athletes. I'm going back on Wed. for another round with Stacy. :) Happy healing and running!