Thursday, April 14, 2011

Om nom nom!

So yesterday...

I was starving.  Absolutely starving.  I couldn't get enough food.  I tried to calm my hunger by eating healthy snacks (grapes, carrots, celery with natural peanut butter, etc.) but nothing could stop me from feeling like I was starving.  I have no idea why, but I seriously felt famished.
I made some delicious jalapeno cheddar hummus (from Skinny Taste) and also the Asian Turkey Meatballs.  They were both delicious and a fairly healthy option.  The only problem is that I was already over my calories before dinnertime even came.  Big problem!  I tried to stay strong and only eat a little bit, but I totally failed and ate the full serving size of meatballs, and more hummus than I care to admit.  I try to keep my calories between 1200-1800 per day (depending on if I worked out or not), but yesterday I was hit with this number:

Booooooo.  I wouldn't have felt so bad had I worked out yesterday, but a nasty storm rolled into Utah right as I was getting off work and I wasn't about to run in 60 mph winds with thunder, lightning, snow, and a boatload of rain.  And I'm afraid of the treadmill because last time I ran on it I got injured the next day.  I've connected the two in my brain and I am now anti-treadmill.  So...instead I ate.  And ate and ate.  The food I chose to eat wasn't particularly bad for me (progress?), but the quantity is more than I should have eaten considering my goals for the month.  I'm hopeful that one day of hungry eating won't set me back too far.  In either case, I am going for a run tonight (whether Utah's weather cooperates or not!) and I will make up for these extra calories.

I have a question for all you runners (beginners or athletes) out there--how do you balance having enough calories for energy for your runs, but still have a calorie deficit in order to lose weight?  I am having a hard time with this lately as my mileage is increasing.  Any advice you have would be great!


  1. Sheesh now I'm hungry!

    I have a hard time balance pre-workout and post-workout fuel with trying to lose weight. I don't want to restrict my calories too much because that's not healthy for running. But I also don't want to eat TOO much. It's hard.

  2. LOL, I don't have a ton of advice, but I always try to pack a really protien-rich calorie snack right beforehand (like a banana with PB), and I watch how many calories I've burned on my run, knowing my daily caloric deficit goal is between 500-1000. As long as I've burned (or eaten less) than my "magic number" - calories in vs. calories out - then I'm okay. Sorry if that was confusing!