Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Most Unflattering Photos YTD

You know how I said to prepare for the onslaught of "proof of running" photos?  Yeah, well this morning I decided it was time to begin said onslaught.  One problem--I've been running in the morning which means that I look super lovely (super lovely is code for puffy-eyed and zit-faced).

But alas, I am shameless so I will post these pictures anyway.  Because, hey, I want to show my proof of running 3 miles!
I'd originally been super stoked about wearing my Top of Utah Marathon tech tee for the first time, but the wind proved a bit too chilly for this breathable shirt.  Sad.  :(  It will get its glory moment someday soon.

Speaking of things getting their glory moment, I think that my right eye really deserves a shout out for its super awesome laziness in this photo.  I'm not even sure it is looking the same direction as lefty.  But whatevs.  It's a good look so I'm going with it.

In any case, 3 miles = done.  That's two runs this week for those of you counting (I know I am).  Not a bad way to spend my Pi Day.  It was pretty windy out, but that just gave me something to pay attention to.  One thing I wasn't paying attention to was the deer that came outta nowhere and nearly ran right into me.  I was in the middle of a freaking neighborhood!  Unexpected deer was unexpected!
Like this.  But only one deer.
Bambi was at a full-on sprint.  I was grateful that I wasn't running that particular mile any faster I would've totally been on a collision course.  Let's just say I was definitely awake from that moment on...

Fun fact: I slept for 11-something hours last night.  Oh yessssss.  It was LOVELY.  I've been absolutely zonked this entire week and just couldn't seem to catch up, so I decided to just give into the sleepies when they called.  And they called at 6 pm last night (or is that late afternoon?).  In any case, I listened.  And woke up for my run around 5ish in the morning.  It was fantastic and I don't even feel bad about it.  I highly recommend it to any of you considering it.  5 stars all around.

 Have any of you encountered something unexpected on a run?  Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. I saw deer in a neighborhood once, but they stood still hoping I didn't see them. I have also come across a skunk... that will make you sprint :)

  2. I continually run into this one coyote and she always sneaks u on me! She isn't mean and she isn't trying to attack or anything, but I think she stays stealth mode to make sure I don't go near her den of babies (I imagine) Either way, she always startles me!

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  4. We have lots of deer in our neighborhood. They are fearless. I watched one walk right up to my fence the other day and sniff my dog.

  5. 11 hours of sleep sounds glorious!
    We've encountered a horrible odor on our jogging path in the park. It's incredibly strong and we can tell we've hit the 2 mile mark when we smell it.
    If it's poo, it's must be one big animal who evolved to have a toilet area. Evil scientist chemical dumping ground? I prefer to think it's poo.