Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Feelings

I have feelings, y'all.  And Friday is apparently the day to talk about them because alliteration is awesome.

Or something...

Anyway, current thoughts/feelings (in no particular order):

  • This week went by fantastically fast (note to self: stop with the alliteration).  The last few weeks have crawled by, but I woke up this morning surprised to discover that it was the end of the work week.  Holla!  This brings me joy.
  • It's been extra windy in Utah this week.  My morning runs have been pretty entertaining because I do a loop run and when I turn around I go from dead silent (and speedy running) to feeling like (and sounding like) I'm running in a hurricane.  It's good fun.  I actually kind of like the challenge it presents to me.  It's like running in an invisible obstacle course.
  • I'm down 4 pounds from last Friday.  Halle-freakin-lujah!!  This morning my scale said 158.8 and while a few months ago that would've been horrifying to me, I was SO happy to see that my hard work (and healthy eating--boo) have been paying off.  It's been a great reminder to know that I AM capable of losing weight if I just reign my temptations in.
  • Tonight I go to Round 4 of the Crossfit Games to watch Hubster perform the workout.  As you might remember, last week I was feeling particularly down on myself after being surrounded by such healthy and fit women.  I felt like a fat cow.  To say that I left last week's event looking forward to going this week would be a lie.  At the time, I didn't even know how I was going to talk myself into being okay feeling that way again.  And to be honest, I guess I couldn't talk myself into it because it was the wake up call that had me back on track this week.  And thankfully, even though those four pounds probably aren't even noticeable, I FEEL better.  I know I am doing things to take care of the weight I don't like, and I feel like I'm moving forward.  I'm not dreading tonight's event at all.  
So yeah, that's what's on my mind today.  It's pretty insane how much of a difference mental perception makes when it comes to feeling good about oneself.  When I weigh 158 lbs and I don't work out, I feel fat, look fat, and want to cry.  When I weigh 158 lbs and I'm working out, I feel thinner, I look thinner to myself, and I want to celebrate my successes.  Dear Brain:  Please remember this!
Another proof of running photo! And my delicious fruit smoothie/protein drink!
As for workouts, I ran 3 miles this morning.  My Top of Utah Marathon shirt finally got it's shining moment!  It was warm outside, but windy and this shirt proved perfect for the conditions.  I really like it.  Also, it looks quite lovely against the bright yellow of my safety vest.  Too bad I didn't get a photo of that!

And since I've been posting nasty running photos of myself, I decided that I should probably remind you that I normally don't look like I've been running in a hurricane and share a recent photo.  Well, in my mind I don't think I normally look like that but others might beg to differ! Ha!

Any fun Friday plans?  What's on your mind today?  Share it in the comments!


  1. 4 lbs in a week!!! that is really great!
    how you feel is the most important...

    running against the wind..that is hard for me but I do prefer that to the heat!!

  2. WTG Becky!!! It truly amazes me just how much perception effects are attitudes and self worth. I weight myself very rarely (hello history of ED here) but when I do step on that scale I let it control the way I feel in a negative or positive way. The truth is a higher number on the scale can ruin my perfect day and a lower number can make me feel awesome. So dumb because really it doesn't matter. It is so much more than a number that defines who I am as a person.

    I am very proud of your progress and dedication my friend.

  3. Becky, 4 lbs! That is awesome! Congratulations!
    Also, it helps me tremendously to keep things in perspective by focusing on body fat % rather than on the total weight number.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Great job on the loss, Becky!! :) Love, love. Kick that nasty Reba to the curb!!!