Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In an effort to be accountable and actually keep on track, I've got to actually share my weight and weigh-ins with you all.  Nothing like a little bit of public shaming to keep me focused!  :)

Yesterday I weighed in at 162.2.  Today I weighed in at 161.2.  Yay for first week sketchy weight loss!  I'm sure I'll see it fluctuate a bit in the next few days.  I'll keep you updated with daily weigh-ins much like Ben Davis has been doing.  I think that will help me over the next couple of weeks.

As for yesterday, it was a great day.  First days being back on the wagon always are (minus the hunger pangs)!  I kept my calories in check (under my goal!) and got some activity in.  A coworker and I went "hiking" up in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  I say "hiking" because it was really a fast stroll around a paved trail/boardwalk.  I can't do any hills and I have to take it easy because of the plantar fasciitis and the tendonitis.  This was my first workout since the diagnosis and I was trying to set a baseline.  I did really good for the first 2 miles, but after that the achilles started hurting really badly.  I was halfway through the lake loop so I had no choice but to continue walking and just kind of suffer through it.  I iced it for a long time when I got home.

However, the pain was definitely worth the scenery:

Silver Lake
Silver Lake
We saw a moose!
And he (she?) was so cute!
Please note that I know how dangerous moose are and we were being very very cautious.  We look closer to him than we really were.  We also didn't stay near him for very long.  He was super happy though.  I can't blame him--he picked a great place to hang out!

I think it will need to be a while before I walk more than 2 miles (how depressing is that?), but I'm glad I now know my baseline.  Slowly and surely I will find a way to stay active while nursing my poor footsies!  

Oh, and just so you know, my coworkers have put together a weight loss group at my work.  We are meeting weekly (Mondays--right after the binge full weekends) to keep each other accountable and on track.  We've each made personal goals and have set out plans on how we are going to achieve them.  I think this will really help move me forward.  We also made really dorky and funny printouts to keep on our desks.  I was lucky(?) enough to have my photo selected:

eye on the prize
You can't handle this much awesome.
So that lovely thing is printed out on my coworkers' desks with their individual goals to remind them of what they are aiming for.  Hopefully it helps us out!

What tricks are you using this week to stay on track and accountable?


  1. I've been getting up super early to get my runs in before work-- that way, I can't say that it's too hot later in the day!

  2. I gained weight while training for the marathon. I threw caution to the wind and fed my hungry self to feed the miles. And now I am 165# and unhappy. So, I started tracking my food intake on SparkPeople again this week and trying to do as much exercise as I can, given that my tendonitis is unhappy after the miles I logged on Saturday, and given that I have a quarter-marathon this coming Saturday. I'm supposed to be training for a duathlon starting this week, but I may just make it a 9-week training schedule and start next week. Still, I am trying to track calories (honestly) and measure/portion food and stay as active as I can. It's so hard.

    It sounds like you're doing the best you can, given the circumstances! Keep it up!

    @kellybeeeee on Twitter

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh - I can't believe you are so close to that moose! BE CAREFUL!!!!!

  4. Beautiful scenery and wow--look at that moose! So close!

    I'm trying to detox from vacation. I'm being better about calorie counting, avoiding alcohol and limiting sugar. Hopefully that helps.

  5. Awesome! I love the accountability aspect and love that your co-workers are all committed to getting healthy. What a great thing to commit to! Our health is so important and having a support system is truly half the battle. I am proud of you Becky!

    Amazing, amazing pictures.

  6. I love your picture!!! So awesome. :)

  7. It really takes guts to post the actual weight but once I started doing that I actually started losing more consistently. Props to you!

  8. Eye on the prize, indeed!

    My motivator right now is that if the Tendonitis From Hell resolves itself, then in 31 days I'll be back into marathon training. So I've got the sticky notes out in full force, because I owe it to myself to undo a few habits and work on "eating clean." Or more bluntly, I do not have the time to waste.