Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raspberries Galore!

Starting Weight: 162.2
Today's Weight: 158.2
Total Lost: 4 lbs (booyah!)

Last night Hubster and I went over to our Grandma's house to pick her raspberries for her.  It was a bit last minute for us so we were in our work clothes and shoes while out in the garden, but we made it work.  I think there is something a little therapeutic about picking produce and working outside.  Being forced to slow down really seems to help me with stress.  Even thought it was hot, it was nice.  I had intended to weed my own garden last night but there were so many raspberries to be picked we didn't get home until 9 and it was far too late to try.  Oh well!

It took us about two and a half hours to pick all the berries.  I picked raspberries for Grandma last week and it took only an hour.  There were SO many more this time around:

Yum.  We will be freezing a bunch of them to use in smoothies, and perhaps I will make some raspberry jam.  I just love having fresh produce!


  1. Those berries look amazing! You need to make jam - I just ran out of my freezer jam from last year's berries. Unfortunately our friends moved so we wont be picking any more this year :( Keep up that positive downward weight trend! You're doing awesome and are inspiring me, thanks!

  2. YUM. Send me some of that jam!! :) I just had DELICIOUS raspberry-peach jam the other day. AMAZING!!!