Friday, June 22, 2012

Camping Weekend

I'm going camping with Hubster tonight!  Who's excited about this?  I know I am.  We are headed up to the Uinta Mountains for a nice evening in the wilderness.  The last time I was in the Uinta's was during my very first backpacking experience.  I was so nervous to be carrying extra weight and being away from the conveniences of our car, but it ended up being something I really loved.  Sadly, I will be unable to backpack this time due to the foot injuries but I am looking forward to a night out among the stars.  With marathon training last year I didn't get to do any camping and I really missed it.

Backpacking with Jason202 edit
Backpacking with Jason 179 edit
Ibantik Lake
Backpacking with Jason edit
Sunset in the Uinta's
We haven't mapped out exactly where we are going to camp yet, but I know we can't really go wrong in beautiful mountain regions.  I'm really looking forward to it!

In addition to camping, we'll likely go for a bike ride around the area.  That will mark my third bike ride this week, and I am definitely feeling it in my areas?  I WILL get used to sitting on a bike seat!  Just gotta suffer through it!  So far I've done 13 miles on Tuesday, 10 miles yesterday, and TBD today!  Can't wait!

Oh, and as promised, the daily weigh-in (that won't be updated on the weekends because I stay far away from computers on the weekend):

Starting Weight (6/16/12): 162.2
Current Weight: 159.8

Wahoo!  I was happy to see the 150s this morning.  I hope that trend continues.  The weekend is always the hardest!  

What are your fun plans for the weekend?  Share them in the comments!

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  1. What a coincidence.. I'm headed to the Uinta mountains now for a weekend with my husband. Should be perfect weather!