Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello hello!  Since I'm still sick and haven't been able to work out, I'm left to resort to talking about the weather. It's a cruel world.  Bear with me, people!

Utah is expecting a massive blizzard to roll in later tonight.  We are supposed to have 50 mph winds and lots of snow.  It should make for an interesting Thanksgiving commute for many people!  In the spirit of epic snowstorms, I thought I would share some photos from a few years ago of snow up in my hometown.  It DEFINITELY knows how to snow there!

Me with my dad (on the right) and my father-in-law

Tall snow drift!

Hail the Conquering Hero!
Now THAT is a lot of snow.  I don't expect to see anything like that this storm, but it would be kind of awesome if we did!  I could use a snow day!  

In the meantime, I feel like all the forces of nature are colliding against me in a dangerous way this week.  One, I'm sick so I haven't been working out.  Two, it's that magical time of the month so I find myself ravenous and craving all sorts of bad foods that I can't offset with exercise.  Three, there will be an endless bounty of food available for my intake come Thanksgiving Day.  YIKES.  Here's hoping my willpower will see me through!  I'm super nervous about it.  I just want to keep losing and stop gaining.  I'm going crazy not being able to go outside for a run.  I just want to be better already!

Have you all managed to avoid the cold season?  I hope you stay feeling well throughout the holiday season!


  1. Pretty impressive pictures!!!

    In Québec city, we had a total of about 560 cm of snow 2 winters ago and it was crazy!

  2. I've never seen snow like in your pictures before. I think the most is maybe a foot of snow. Wow!
    I've been doing pretty well during the cold season. Fingers crossed I stay that way.

  3. You are so cute in that snow pic - you look like you own it!
    Dude - it really does know how to snow there!
    Stay warm, eh?

  4. Wow! That's a lot of freakin' snow!!

  5. WOW ! I don't think I ever seen that amount of snow in my life !