Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I ran into my worst enemy last night...

And it was awful.  She was mean.  She made me feel terrible and because of her I did things I haven't done in months and participated in behaviors that aren't typical of me these days.  I hate her so much!  It was so frustrating.  She hasn't been around in a while, but when she shows up I forget how far I've come and how much progress I've made.  She resets me at zero.

My worst enemy is me.

The old me showed up last night.  She threw calorie counting out the window.

"Would you like two Mountain Dews?"  

"Sure!" she said.

"Would you like a GINORMOUS bowl of ice cream?"

"Why, yes!  I would LOVE a big bowl of sugar!"


I seriously pigged out yesterday.  And while I'm being honest, it wasn't just yesterday.  I've been like this since Saturday.  Hormones being out of whack isn't even an excuse.  I knew I was overeating but didn't care and didn't stop.  I'm freaking out about this.  Usually I at least care.  Why am I falling apart after coming so far?  I truly am my own worst enemy sometimes...

Oh, and I gained 4 lbs this week according to my scale.  I don't even know what to say about that.  I'm so disappointed in myself, and there is no one to blame but me.

Speaking of disappointment......(and trying to change the subject to something other than my epic failure of a week)...the so-called "blizzard" was a total letdown!  It barely snowed 3 inches at my house!  I did take some pictures on the commute this morning to share.  The roads were a bit nasty, but nothing that this area isn't used to.  I was hoping for something much more epic!
I love how white this mountain gets!
Nice and Snowy Roads


  1. You didn't gain 4lbs... that would be like 14,000 extra calories and I doubt you ate that much extra, right? Maybe lots of sodium?

    We all have moments and days like that. Just gotta pick yourself up and keep chugging along

  2. I am my own enemy too! Lucky for us, we can start over again!

    I think I want to come live with you during the winter months! So pretty and white!! Is that weird? I am sorry! :o)

  3. Nice snow!!

    That sounds like me. I am my worst enemy. I can be so mean to myself. :(

  4. Beautiful pictures. I think at some point we are all mean to ourselves, but you know what you recognize that you have let her come back for a little while. It's all about the journey, so what last week wasn't so good, but from here on out you can do it. Keep moving along, you can do it!

  5. She might keep showing up....
    Better formulate a plan - for next time!
    She's nothing but a trickster!
    I know cuz I have a best friend/worse enemy just like her.
    Mine is a cry-baby 5 year old that never grew up and want everything she sees. Then she throws it away and wants more. More More More.
    Even more "loss."
    Now that we know her, and recognize her for what
    (and who) she is, we can learn to tell her "No!"
    PS - lovely pics!

  6. I've been feeling the same way this past week. I haven't been doing what I should... journaling my food, exercising...I'm not sure where I lost my want at, but I desperately want it back!