Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday

Woot woot!

It's Wednesday and we are halfway through the week.  I find that this almost always puts me in a good mood!  I'm feeling pretty fantastic today, and I hope that you are as well!

Let's get down to's stats time!
I am SO close to the 140s!  It's almost tormenting me every time I weigh in.  I keep hoping and wishing and praying... Perhaps if I hadn't been a slacker this week (oops!!) and would've ran my 3.5 miles and 2 miles I was supposed to run on Monday and Tuesday I might have kicked that 0.4 lbs to the curb!

Oh well...I still lost a pound from last week and I am feeling good.  I bought some outdoor running clothes last night so that I don't FREEZE to death while running, so that will help.

Time to get back to work.  Sorry for the lack of posts--it will be much better next week!

How are you spending your Wednesday?  Any fun plans coming up this weekend?


  1. Patience, Grasshopper....
    Weight on.....
    Weight off......
    slow but sure wins every time!

  2. I just did my weigh in post too! They scale was nice to you, I couldn't even get mine to budge a tenth of a pound! LOL.

    I hope your training is going well, and he/she is catching on fast!!

  3. The scale in the 140s is coming, you will have it in no time!

  4. yay for your weightloss! great job :)

  5. Congrats on your loss!!! I'm spending my Wednesday at work - and then prepping for a party tonight!!

  6. Congrats on your weight loss!
    My Wed will be spent working, catching up on things around the house, and talking myself into exercising cause I just don't feel like it today :)