Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In!

Good morning, World!  I hope this Wednesday finds you well.  It feels like a Thursday to me which is a bit bothersome, but I will eventually get my time clock adjusted so it feels like the right day soon!

So today's weigh-in is a happy day.  Why?  Well, I shall show you!
That's right---I am in the HEALTHY weight range for my BMI!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And this time it isn't because I had the stomach flu!  Also, I am dangerously close to those 140s and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to those.  I haven't seen that range since my first year of marriage.  I will have to buy a new set of clothes at that point because I barely have anything that fits me right now.  This is a great feeling!  This is the scale victory I needed in order to kick my butt into gear some more and get to the gym and amp it up.  I want to start adding weight-lifting into my routine.  Lisa at has inspired me to add it into my workout routine to help conquer any plateau I might be suffering from.  Plus, who doesn't want a nice toned body?

Tonight I will be running 3.5 miles and then adding in some strength training.  I'm going to try running on the indoor track at the gym for the first time.  I hope it isn't as boring as it sounds.  Well, I'm hoping it is at least a bit better than the treadmill because I know that with the snowfall we get in Utah during the winter there will be many nights that I can't run outside and the treadmill sounds awful to me lately!  Wish me luck!