Wednesday, November 10, 2010


....oh wow.  I just ate an entire carton of Little Caesar's breadsticks AND three pieces of pizza.

I am so grossed out that I did it, that I knew I would do it, that I knew I shouldn't, but that I still did it.

Pretty sure this is the opposite of progress...especially because if I went running right now I would be too sick to my stomach to finish.


  1. We all have those days/nights! Tomorrow is a new day! :o)

  2. Don't let it get your down. We do all have slip ups...

  3. Depends on how you define "progress"
    It sound goo to me, that you made a "confession!"
    Sounds like you've had a change of heart -
    Isn't that where most change originates?
    Go easy!

  4. The fact that you recognize that that wasn't what you should have eaten means a lot! Don't beat yourself up...we've all been there! I just ate 2 handfuls of chocolate chips. Did I need 3 servings? Nope. Oh well.

  5. We have all had these days! Real success comes after "failure" and the lessons we learn and how we handle the aftermath. Move on quickly, you still rock! :)