Friday, September 3, 2010


Wow.  Yesterday was an interesting day.  I woke up sore from my run (to be expected), so I took some Ibuprofen to try to reduce the swelling in my knee joints so I could walk easier.  I was feeling pretty good with no major concerns.  Around noon I started feeling really tired, much more so than normal.  I could NOT wake up.  I drank a diet coke to try to get some caffeine--nothing.  I went for a walk around the building--didn't work.  Nothing could break me out of my tired slump.  Then I started noticing I was really cold.  I had chills.  None of my coworkers said it was cold in the room, so I knew it was just me.  Finally, around 4:30 I was feeling so achey and cold and tired and just plain miserable I called it in and left work early.  Arriving home, I decided I should take my temperature:

Ummm...not good.  I ended up taking a nap outside in the hot heat and then eventually curling up in my bed and sleeping from 5 till 9 am this morning.  At some point my fever climbed to 103.8.  Apparently my body wanted/needed rest.  The fever is mostly gone this morning, but I decided to play it safe and take the day off and just work from home.  Here is hoping I recover quickly because it's a 3-day weekend and I had some amazing plans lined up!


  1. There is no way I would have made it at work until 4:30 with a fever like that - you're tough! I hope you feel better and get to enjoy your weekend :-D

  2. Wow that's a really high fever! Feel better! Mrs. Grass's Chicken Noodle Soup, lots of apple juice and orange juice.

  3. I am sending you happy thoughts! Feel better soon!