Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

Hello hello!  It is weekly weigh-in time.  I must admit that I typically do these weigh-ins on Friday and don't upload the data until Monday so this was all prior to the labor day weekend.  I wasn't a bad overeater this weekend, but because of being sick I didn't get any workouts in until yesterday so my weight loss this week will be lacking I fear.  Fingers crossed it works out for me.  I REALLY want to be below 152 soon because that puts me in the healthy BMI range for my height!  I feel like I'm tantalizingly close to that.  Perhaps that makes a great short term goal for this month?

This week is going to be difficult to get all my workouts in.  I'm going to Pittsburgh for work on Thursday and because of flight schedules I have no time to get a work out in on either Thursday or Friday.  Sad!  There is a slight chance I might get to hike Table Rock this weekend, but it all depends on being able to adjust my Friday flight so I have time to drive up to Idaho that evening.  I really want it to work out, but I'm not very hopeful at the moment.  Stupid busy schedules!

How is everyone else's training going?


  1. You are doing really well, and should be super proud!

    I am getting nervious taking my measurements on the 20th. I know my workouts have not been what they should be.

  2. Are you staying at a hotel with a gym? It might not be the same, but you could always try to get in an early workout there!

  3. Lisa--you are good to me!! I just checked and there is a 24 hour fitness center there with some lovely treadmills. I'm saved!