Monday, September 13, 2010

Back from Pittsburgh...

It's been a while since I've blogged!  It was a BUSY week and weekend.  I am rather proud of myself, however.  I totally kept within my calories while I was in Pittsburgh!  I couldn't believe it!  I did struggle once I got to Idaho, unfortunately.  My dad has NOTHING healthy in his house, and he also stocks up with all the delicious things that are so tempting.  I only caved to Mountain Dew and one Oreo which is way better than usual, but I still wish I would've been able to stay within my calories.  I think I averaged about 1600 per day while in Idaho, which isn't great but it isn't horrible.  The fact that it wasn't at 2500+ is progress!

I tried hiking Table Rock again this weekend.  Guess what?  It didn't happen.  Why not?  The weather again...but this time it SNOWED a foot on the mountain!  Holy cow!  It's too early for snow!  I was totally disappointed because this is the last chance I had to hike it this year, so it is a goal that I will not be accomplishing in 2010.  Sad!!  Oh well--there is nothing I can do about the weather.  It just wasn't meant to be!
What snow?...oh wait.
I definitely paid for my poor eating and lack of big workout last week--I'm up a pound this week.  I'm human so I'm trying to not get discouraged.  It's just a number and I can do better this week.  Being in my home territory and back to a normal schedule is definitely in my favor.  I can see why the Biggest Loser folks have such a hard time adjusting when they move back home!

Instead of hiking Table Rock, the family decided to go on a beautiful drive from Idaho through Wyoming.  It as gorgeous!  The fall colors are starting to turn, and we got to visit a lot of beautiful lakes.  In pictures:

Believe it not, my sister is 6 months pregnant in this pic...
As a side note...I'm a bit nervous about running outside in my neighborhood now.  I live in a really safe community, but yesterday some crazy man sexually assaulted a woman in broad daylight on one of the running paths by my home.  I can't believe it!  They still haven't caught him either...I'm not sure what I will do about running outside.  I am just going to have to stick to very main trails with no places for creepsters to hide.  It doesn't help that the sun is rising later and setting earlier.  That leaves me with limited time to run outside in daylight.

How does everyone else manage this?


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Sounds like a wonderful time. Good job on the eating too.

    As far as the creepy neighborhood man... I have never experinced that. But if I were you, I would find a running buddy. If I couldn't I would keep my workouts inside with a DVD or at a gym. Just stay safe, whatever you decide!!

  2. Hey Becky,

    I wouldn't worry one bit about that pound if I were you, it will probably come off and then some next week :) I'm also super impressed by your self control, I just prepare myself for family trips to be a total food-fest... luckily we're Mediterranean and most of the foods my family eats are at least somewhat healthy. As far as the running paths, I think sticking to the main routes during daylight hours is a good plan and I totally agree with Sabrina, if you can find a running buddy you'll be all set :) Or you could do what one of my old neighbors did and get a dog. Her dog was hilarious because he was huge but so lazy he probably wouldn't have been much help if she ever had encountered anyone, but a potential attacker sure wouldn't know that.