Monday, October 18, 2010

7 miles...

I ran 7 miles this weekend.  I NEVER thought I would be saying those words.  Even crazier to me is that I enjoyed it.  It was one of those runs that people talk about and you don't believe them.  I didn't get the runner's high, but I definitely was enjoying being outside on a beautiful trail running with a best friend.  My legs were strong and carried me the whole way without much protest.  My breathing rhythm (which I REALLY struggle with) was actually calm and rhythmical.  Usually I just gasp.  A lot.  Gotta love asthma.  But this time it was different--smooth and in control.  I was only supposed to run 6 miles, but ended up adding an extra mile on at the end because it felt so good.

I can't wait to have another run like this.  I could be a runner if all runs felt like this.  I wish I would've taken pictures of the trail we ran, but it definitely made the run easier.  It started at the mouth of Ogden Canyon (and is actually part of the half marathon I will be running) and it meanders through beautiful parks with gorgeous fall foliage all right next to the Ogden river.  Perfect!  I wish it was closer to me and I would run there every day!

A few weeks ago, Jen from PriorFatGirl wrote a post about running 6 miles and how she couldn't believe her body was actually capable of running that far.  Her post, called Power of Progression really hit home with me when I first read it:

"...Amazed at what my body can do if I just challenge it a little. And impressed with the POWER OF PROGRESSION. Most training programs capitalize on it–this power of progression. One small step at a time. If you would have told me, 5 weeks ago, that I would be able to run 6 miles without stopping, I’d probably have laughed and said “not possible.” Yet here I am….reflecting on a 6 mile run."

She is 100% correct.  It is that power of progression that delivers amazing results.  We all know that running is HARD.  It uses all our major muscle groups and makes our lungs SCREAM.  But if you can push through that pain for just a little bit longer than you think you are capable of, you will be amazed at the results.

Jen went on to run 10-miles a few weeks later.  She rocked her race and delivered a performance she could/should be proud of.  In a few weeks, my training program will have me running ten miles.  Right now, that amount seems insurmountable.  But, I know I can do it because my body can handle the challenge.

I am thankful for the Power of Progression.  How will you use it this week?


  1. Great job! I didn't know you had asthma. I was just recently diagnosed and I've been struggling with it, particularly with running. What program are you using for your half marathon traning?

  2. Amazing! Watching your progression has been wonderful and inspiring.

    I made it through my little feat today -- 1.79 miles in 28 mins. Woo hoo!

  3. Becky,
    That is supercool! Keep going. Having fun watching your progress!